Good pan fishing all along the lake’s banks especially near the access area near the Ranger station. 5 oz. > Terrestrials, #12-20 especially ants and assorted small beetles. Weather Guy says we are gonna get pounded on Wednesday afternoon/night. The fly hatches on the Yellow Breeches are no longer what they once were however, the stream furnishes good fly fishing to the observant fly angler. An interactive map tour of the Yellow Breeches Creek Water Trail. Same goes for the rest of the Breeches. Trout are a hodge podge of wild, stocked and carryovers. Summer: Temperatures range from the low 70s to on the hottest days to the high 90s (usually beginning in July and lasting through the end of August). Early morning rainbow. Cumberland County is cautiously open for business.. Anglers are reminded to socially distance. Tight-liners might want a soft hackle or similar dropper off a ring with a small nymph off the back of the anchor fly. Hatches on Yellow Breeches are populist and abundant, making dry-fly fishing the best in Pennsylvania. Heavily stocked almost year round throughout its length, there is an extremely popular “catch and release” fishery on the Breeches between Boiling Springs and Allenberry Resort. Anglers may drive in, park in the PLAYHOUSE PARKING area and walk down to the stream to fish. Yellow Breeches Creek Cumberland - Pennsylvania 10 catches 296 followers 5 spots Section of stream under special regulations - suggested location for stocked trout. > If you fish, try to pick the warmest part of the warmest days. 15 to the headwaters. Weather conditions are highly variable but very important to timing and intensity of aquatic insect activity. "McCormick Road on the Yellow Breeches is always crowded when it's hot. Latest Fishing Report. Midges are a big part of that. You can throw those 6-8" things if you like but I would bet that streamers tied on #6-8 hooks will catch the most trout. January is a good month to catch numbers of fish and some bragging-sized ones, too. Since 1856, Yellow Breeches Creek, Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions. Wild, holdover and stocked trout provide for good action throughout most of the year. Fly fishing in Hawaii. Their website is and phone # is (717) 258-3211. Below the village of Boiling Springs the Breeches ... becomes a medium to large sized stream coursing eastward, eventually joining the Susquehanna River at New Cumberland. Here are the best places to fish in Canada. The site, located on Sheepford Road, is a 14-acre undeveloped park owned by Lower Allen Town-ship. Yellow Breeches is a classic Pennsylvania limestone spring creek that is loaded with insects and picky brown trout, along with rainbows and brookies. Other mayflies from tricos to Hexagenia create fishing opportunities in addition to excellent midge and terrestrial action. An email address is required to associate with your Fishidy premium subscription. Tight-line Euro-nymphing, floats, and dry/dropper all have their places. 17 in. Penns Creek Penns Creek is not only one of the best trout fisheries in Pennsylvania, but it’s one of the best spring creek trout fishing streams in the country. Ken Stambaugh helps his grandson, Logan Myers, dump a net full of fish into the Yellow Breeches along Criswell Drive, Boiling Springs, on Friday morning as … “My best fishing advice is to fish with family or a friend and focus on the experience and not the harvest. Think of them as a terrestrial. Just my $0.02. Also try the area near Red Hill Dam on the east side of the River along Three Mile Island. Griffith's Gnats in #18-24 are killer too. Captain Dave Willard ( says this is a good time t… General information is good! Gifford Pinchot State Park in North Central York County near Lewisberry, off Route 83. The Yellow Breeches has a wide diversity of hatching insects. The best places to fish in Pennsylvania range from catching native brook trout in small mountain streams, landing huge catfish in big rivers or hooking up with largemouth bass in diverse lakes. Stream: Yellow Breeches : Date of Update: 12/19/2020: Author: TCO Boiling Springs Staff: Highlight: Lots of snow on the ground, but it should melt very slowly with very cold temps and not have much effect on levels near term. Please use common sense and respect land owner's yards and property. Golden Rainbow Trout with a Estaz Egg Fly, 10 in. Allenberry is OPEN for business. Access the Catch & Release area from the Run parking lot at the south end of Boiling Springs Lake or by parking off Criswell Road. For all those die hard sport fishing fans we reveal some of the best Tuna fishing spots in the world. Best Places to Fly Fish in Pennsylvania 1. Try I.C.S.I. We Stock public stretches on the creek eight times from Jan Only time on the water will allow the angler to be there when things get rolling. The stream is heavily stocked by the fish commission and the YBAC. 5 lb. Anglers may also park at the Run and walk down. Might get a few in there on the I.C.S.I. Typically more offshore If you look carefully at the map, you can see that we fished in two places that marked the upper and lower boundaries of the fly fishing only section of the Yellow Breeches in Boiling Springs. Trout thrive in its cool, limestone waters. There are areas holding wild trout downstream of there too. While there are wild trout in the Yellow Breeches, some sections benefit greatly from supplemental stockings. Access the creek from the South Middleton Township Municipal Authority right of way on the west side of the road. When the weather's hot and the work week is long, it's easy to stay inside all weekend. Of all the Midge, tiny F flies...Most of the caddis are about done for the season but the trout seem to remember them. And if you get into some fish show us a picture but please don't put the location on Facebook!! You are trying to access a feature that requires a Fishidy account. DON'T BE THAT GUY! Spawning activity on the Breeches is pretty much done for another year. It's just below Green Lane Drive (iron bridge). This is a great time to fish a single smallish nymph with the New Zealand Strike Indicator system. Fishing is very good up and downstream from this area too, some stretches holding fair to excellent populations of wild brown trout. 15 in. Warmer, breezy days. Precision Flyfishing and Tackle opened a new shop in Mt. Fly fishing hatches in order of importance: > Midges, #20-24. 15 to the headwaters. Nice Brown Lisa! The best fishing … From heart-pounding salmon runs to relaxing ice fishing, this country is crazy about angling. If you want to fish that area, park at the pull-off on park place just off locust point. Midges, #22-24 for them too. Most of the mayfly/caddis fly activity is over now but there are still a few bugs to look for. Try sight fishing with very small nymphs, Zebras and so forth. The stream is stocked by both the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as well as local sportsman's cooperative nurseries. There are 6 yellowfish species to choose from in … Just across the tracks on the right side of the road there is room to park 3-4 cars between the tracks and the first POSTED sign or cone. Al... Sign in to your account to find other friends and anglers who are using Fishidy. Rainbow Trout with a Green Weenie. Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, May 27, 2019 After what seemed like weeks of heavy rain, which really screwed up the later half of shad fishing and pretty much blew out most of the rivers and streams in my immediate area, I decided to head to Pennsylvania to try fishing the Yellow Breeches in Boiling Springs. This is widely considered the best time to fish the Yellow Breeches because of the numerous hatches. Kayakers/tubers and floaters should leave the water trail at Spanglers Mill access and put in at Creekwood Park to avoid this hazard. If you access the Yellow Breeches through the Allenberry property, perhaps you might consider checking out the restaurant for a sandwich and a beer afterwards. © 2020 Fishidy. Most of the stream and its tributaries are designated as Cold Water or High-Quality Cold-Water Fisheries. Nymph fishing by one or another of the popular techniques is also a productive way to catch some Yellow Breeches trout. How to Fish the Yellow Breeches by Eugene Macri. Yellow Breeches Park is the end point of Trip B. A good plan is to match their sizes; streamers of about and inch and a half to two inches or so are a good bet. The park provides creek access for boating and Buggers it is! Try Muddlers, Shenk's White Minnow, and of course, Woolly Buggers in white, brown, and olive/black. Try clipping them flat on the bottom. Almost all of the Breeches is private property. Sometimes it only takes two or three degrees to kick off a bite. 3 oz. Give something back and support them by joining the Club. Send check to YBAC, Box 1, Boiling Springs, PA 17007-0001. The three fly dropper method of fly fishing is a technque that works well on the Yellow Breeches. Almost all of the Breeches is private property and all access is courtesy of the landowners; Don't blow it! Best time of day to fish: from about 9-10 a.m. until about 4 p.m. Best stretch : There are hold over stocked trout scattered throughout the length of the Yellow Breeches and fair to very good numbers of wild trout, mostly browns especially in the reaches upstream of US Rt. Allegheny RiverBrodhead CreekChautauqua CreekClarion RiverDelaware River, East BranchDelaware River, Main StemDelaware River, West BranchFishing CreekLackawanna RiverLittle Lehigh CreekLittle Juniata RiverLaurel Hill CreekMcMichaels CreekPenn's CreekPine CreekSpring CreekTulpehocken CreekTwenty Mile CreekYoughiogheny River, Water flow: nice flow with a light tea color stain, Water temperature at mid-day: 44 Degrees F. Best time of day to fish: from about 9-10 a.m. until about 4 p.m. Best stretch: There are hold over stocked trout scattered throughout the length of the Yellow Breeches and fair to very good numbers of wild trout, mostly browns especially in the reaches upstream of US Rt. The location and details for each official access point is provided. For many years the Yellow Breeches Anglers have done an excellent job of stocking the C&R and other parts of the creek. It is one of our local streams that always seems to provide an enjoyable and successful day of fishing… > On flat, slow water stretches, midges are major a factor. Stripers love cold water and they grow big in Clarks Hill. B6 - Yellow Breeches Park. There are new-ish no-parking signs there, and some people still can't resist. 22-26) can emerge anytime from late morning to late afternoon. The former owners of the property along Criswell Dr., Lee and Isabel Castles, both passed away recently so it is suggested that anglers be on their best behavior when accessing the creek from this area so the parking isn't closed completely by the new owners. Check out our interactive map of over 30,000 of the best places to fly fish in the US. Several are located in or at local parks. We fish only in waters that allow for the best backdrops to be able to make your trip an unforgettable experience. There are many ways to fish the Breeches some more successful than others. Fishing is allowed by the grace of the landowners. There is very limited parking off of Criswell Drive. As fishermen, we know there are times when our favorite spots are just not active so we built our Hot Spots feature to show you where the fish are biting in the area of Yellow Breeches Creek. This is a good time to float some attractor type patterns. The first few miles of the river downstream of the York Haven dam offers great muskie and walleye fishing, although the fish move a lot and can be a challenge to find at times. All Rights Reserved. From Allenberry down, Yellow Breeches offers some of the most beautiful water that is often overlooked by many anglers when wanting to go fly fishing yellow breeches. This Appalachian wonderful offers residents and visitors the best of all four seasons and the type of serenity that simply can’t be found many other places. Activities along the Yellow Breeches include boating, birding and fishing. It originates in Michaux State Forest in a series of three tiny brooks draining from South Mountain just south of Walnut Bottom, runs generally west to east some fifty miles emptying … Switch up your weekend routine and try river tubing at one of these four places near York County. > As the day warms and especially if there is a breeze, terrestrial insect imitations such as ants and beetles are still worth a try. By far the most beautiful trout I have ever seen in real life! Hendrickson and BWO’s are the early season openers. 20 in. Lisa Brubaker. Yellow Breeches Outfitters. There is room for like, three cars. Monroe is known locally as the Dead Sea. Best Places to Fish in Michigan: Location 1 Saginaw Bay is located within Lake Huron on the eastern side of Michigan. The Yellow Breeches is a limestone stream with freestone farmland characteristics. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! Yellow Breeches Anglers and Conservation Association, Carlisle, Pennsylvania. You may or may not see the same things as reported. >Streamers are a good bet for some action. The mile long Special Regulations area beginning downstream of Boiling Springs Lake is popular with fly fishers. Near the Dock Street dam in Harrisburg, the PFBC access areas at Fort Hunter, Millersburg and in Halifax. Please don't disturb them any more than necessary...they are not so interested in feeding right now, but have the future in mind. Winding its way through a mixture of woodlots, farmlands and old residential or summer cottage areas for some 40 miles, its brushy, narrow upper reaches near Huntsdale rapidly gain volume from many limestone spring and freestone tributaries. Midge in #22-24. "Must-have" fly fishing patterns in descending order of importance: Yellow Breeches Creek is one of the famous limestone trout streams of the Cumberland Valley in south-central Pennsylvania. Upper Bay Yellow Perch: When, Where, & How Posted on: December 6, 2019 FHMD Productive winter yellow perch fishing in upper Chesapeake Bay tributaries attracts many anglers. Little black stoneflies will be hatching as well. Pinch a split shot onto the tippet directly in front of the streamer and just bounce it along the bottom with a jigging motion. Midges can show at any time from early morning to late afternoon. Welcome to The Yellow Breeches Outfitters guide service and information web site. Check them out at or call (717) 258-3211 to see what the status of dining in and lodging are. 6mos ago - Yellow Breeches Creek. Do not get creative with parking down there! 654 likes. The best bet for rising trout will be found on some of the long flatwater pools found along the Breeches. 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It has been reported that some anglers are walking down Criswell Road and cutting through the properties along the creek. > tan caddis, #12-16 morning and evening. For a minimal commitment, try fishing the Run below Boiling Springs Lake. In the few spots that must be waded, try to fish from the very edge and avoid stepping on the piles of clean, fresh looking gravel just downstream of the depressions the trout make as they lay and fertilize their eggs. Trout haven't forgotten obout them. The Yellow Breeches Creek is designated a Class I-II stream on the International Whitewater The beautiful Cumberland Valley ofers residents and visitors a collection of information, contact Lower Allen Township at (717) 975-7575, or visit 24 in. This may not be the best week to fish. Anglers can park in the UPPER THEATER PARKING AREA only, and walk down to the stream. Most people would tell you that walleyes are one of the best fish on the table and they are right. With cooler weather hopefully the little olives become a factor. A low gradient stream of gentle riffles and long flat pools, good water quality and varied habitat enables the Breeches to host a broad spectrum of hatches over virtually a year round season. For our part we receive fingerling trout in the summer and volunteers raise them in our nursery until the next trout season.