Introduction This User Guide can help you connect the extender to your network and solve common setup issues. How to Set Up a Linksys Range Extender Linksys Range Extender increases both the range and accessibility of your wireless network. With the help of a paper clip, press the reset button. lagginout . However, when I go to use the "extended" networks I can connect to them but I have no internet access. LINKSYS User Guide. Wait for a few minutes and let the range extender reboot properly. I connected the extender to my network via WPS and I visit the configuring page but I can't login becuase the password is not the defualt. The RE6300 is anything but difficult to set up and work with, In this article, you will know how to arrange Linksys RE6300 OR RE6400. Setting up the Linksys RE6400 AC1200 BOOST EX WI-Fi Range Extender is easy with its browser-based setup feature. Once the LEDs got stable, you have successfully reset the Linksys RE6400 extender. You can find more help from our award-winning, 24/7 customer support at User manual instruction guide for Wireless Extender RE6400 LINKSYS LLC. Right out of the box I was able to set-up the RE6400 to connect to my router after running the basic set-up that pops up when I connect to the extender. On the Linksys RE6400 extender panel, you will find a small factory reset hole. Try rebooting the router then setup the extender by following the steps on this link.We recommend setting it up in the same room as the router to avoid any interference, we'll relocate it once done. Connect to range extender setup Network. How to Set Up Linksys RE6400 Wireless Extender After Reset? the Linksys AC1200 BOOST EX Range Extender (RE6400). * It works with all Wi-Fi routers to deliver speeds up to AC1200 (N300 + AC867 Mbps) and expands your coverage area; ideal for HD streaming, gaming and surfing.† There are two easy ways to set up the Linksys AC1200 BOOST EX Range Extender. Welcome to Setup Setup s/ Linksys Extender Setup - RTD Network My Home Network LIN