This part is sold individually and is an OEM part, built specifically by the manufacturer. Inside your dishwasher tub will be a metal or plastic prong. $7.95 shipping. It is used on hot and cold water applications. I ordered two switches on a Monday and Tuesday evening they arrived. or Best Offer. The door latch could also be the issue if it's not secure. If the switch does not have continuity, replace it. WD31X23217 GE Dishwasher Inner Door Kit OEM WD31X23217. If the door switch is defective, the switch will prevent the dishwasher from running even when the door is closed. When operating door switch, the dishwasher would work intermittently. If the supply connection is not secure or the hose that connects to the dishwasher … Damaged water inlet valve: As the valve that feeds water from the home's main water line into the dishwasher, this is a common source of leaks. Free shipping. The dishwasher won't start if the door isn't completely shut and latched. The other looked OK. The door switch prevents the dishwasher from running while the door is open. This switch interlock is found on your dishwasher door, and it must be actuated for the dishwasher to start. American Home Shield notes that this seal may need replacing if you see water leaking around your dishwasher door. $21.79. 00165926 GE Dishwasher Normally Open Door Switch 165926, Model Reference List, Bosch SHU9955UC/12 (FD 8105 -) , Bosch SHU9915UC/11 , Bosch SHU9925UC/12 (FD 8003-) , Bosch SHV4303UC/12 , Bosch SHV6803UC/12 (FD 8105 -) , Bosch SHU9905UC/06 (FD 7905-7912) , GE offers troubleshooting support for dishwashers. When the door opens too far, the dishwasher rack can roll past the door and onto the floor, possibly damaging your floor and the dishes in the rack. The kit includes extra fittings to fit most outlet valve sizes in your home. Check the prong to make sure it's not loose or bent, and it's properly activating the door switch. Only 1 left! Close and latch the door. California 19410 Business Ctr Dr. Northridge, CA 91324 1-877-477-7278 Tennessee 240 Edwards St. S. E. Cleveland, TN 37311 1-877-477-7278 I removed the door inner liner and checked: my model had two switches side by side. Lot of 7 -GE Dishwasher Door Switch Cover WD12X10401, Genuine OEM Part- NEW. One was obviously bad: the switch button was pushed in and would not spring out. You can adjust the dishwasher door … Find the information you are looking for in videos, faqs, tips, and more. Even if the door latches fully, a problem with micro-switch in the door latch/switch assembly could keep the dishwasher from starting; in that case, replace the micro-switch. OEM GE WD21X10246 Dishwasher Door Switch. A GE dishwasher door seal helps to keep the dishwasher tightly closed and also hosts the controls for the machine. $3.99 shipping. When the dishwasher door is open, the switch is off. A GE dishwasher door removal may be necessary for service or repair, and it requires a little bit of work. If your dishwasher door does not close properly, or if the machine will not start, you may have a problem with your switch interlock. These GE dishwashers have been having multiple problems besides the door latch assembly, I'd stay far away from GE for your next dishwasher. The prong will depress the door switch completely, and the circuit will close allowing the dishwasher to start. 6 ft. Universal Dishwasher Kit The GE Universal 6 ft. Dishwasher Kit comes The GE Universal 6 ft. Dishwasher Kit comes with everything you will need for installation. $119.95. $35.00. GE appliances have been bought out by a Chinese company called Haier, and its been downhill from that point forward. To determine if the door switch is at fault, use a multimeter to test the switch for continuity. If the door doesn't latch shut, replace the latch mechanism.