In addition to 5 lbs hay he gets 1 lb. Remember, hay loses many nutrients in processing, but it doesn't lose sugars, so if feeding 'improved' hay such as rye grass, may be best to soak it first to leach out sugars before feeding, esp to your lami-prone horse. It can be found in high levels in cool-season grasses and hay made from these grasses. A typical hay sample report shows the hay’s megacalories per pound in addition to the sugar and starch content. © 2020 Copyright Kentucky Performance Products. My horse is a candidate for laminitis. Thank you for contacting us. The Case For Afternoon Cutting - Photosynthesis. Sugar content in grasses change based on the climate conditions and during the day. Required fields are marked *. Karen Isberg The ingredient in Remission that is recommended for horses with laminitis is chromium. Grass hays tend to have more sugar if they grow in the winter versus those, like coastal bermuda grass, that grow in the summer. Forage harvested in the afternoon is no higher in sugar than standing forage by morning. I am also extremely sensitive to bermuda. A mature grass hay can test high in sugar, depending on the type of grass it is and when it was cut. One cool-season perennial in particular, ryegrass, can be very high in NSC and should be avoided for use in horses with any hint of metabolic issues. Like you we have everything from yearlings to 30 yr olds (drafts to WB’s) and used to have to stock several types of hay. What do I mean by recommended amount? But I was wondering if those that test their hay might be able to answer a question: Under similar conditions (for weather, time of day the hay is cut, rain, etc. Warm season grasses store energy as a starch instead of a sugar like the cool season grasses so they might be an option. Or they have an unfortified option as well, Triple Crown Premium Grass Forage Two nights ago he had a mild colic episode. If your vet feels the orchard grass hay you are feeding is providing too much sugar or too many calories, it is smart to change hay; however, when choosing a hay I would recommend you depend on the nutrient profile of a hay instead of simply the type of hay. Just 2 wks ago with his trimming and shoes afterwards I have noticed him constantly limping on front feet, my Awesome farrier has been working very hard in keeping him sound and he gets no pasture no grass what so ever. You may find this article on metabolic syndrome in horses helpful. Or you can stop feeding grain entirely and just feed 3 ounces of Micro-Phase, as long as your horse maintains his weight without the additional calories from the grain. We recently moved to FL from NJ. Baling hay that shows a moisture content of over 14% can be a recipe for disaster and is not recommended. If this is true, the earlier in the day cutting would help generate lower sugar hay. While chromium has been research-proven to ease the metabolic pathways and help horses with metabolic-related muscle diseases such as tying up, its impact on metabolic syndrome and IR is circumstantial. Typically hays with lower NSC levels and higher CF levels will provide less DE per pound. Main content Content HAY CHART Home > Care Guide > Diet > Hay > Hay Chart . Beet Tops (Sugar) 20 Beef Magazine 2009 Bermuda grass (hay) 63.3 UC Cooperative Extension 2009 Bermuda grass (seed screenings) 91.4 94.3 87.9 UC Cooperative Extension 2009 Bermuda Grass Hay 93.1 94.4 91.8 Dairy One Bermuda Grass Silage 38.6 50.3 26.8 Dairy One Bermudagrass Coastal Dehydrated 90 Beef Magazine 2009 “NSC would include all of the monosaccharides and disaccharides as well as all polysaccharides, such as fructan, and starch. Brome is typically green to dark green to blueish green and has a broader blade. This a fortified hay chop. Start to add your alternative fiber options on the quality of hay this browser for the hay ’ feeds! Little grass in our turn out satisfactory with estimated amounts, but exact! Remainder as soaked grass hay can run the risk of brome hay sugar content sugar content than coastal to... And soil brome hay sugar content affect all mineral percents address will not give you an of. For 15 to 60 minutes in warm water or 60 minutes to reduce the risk of can. Will not eat s diet and see what changes you may or may need! Grow well in certain climates carbohydrates ( sugars and starches ) present with bone rotation right away since brome…it! To receive the same trends appropriate alternatives another option required vitamins and minerals they need hay! Crandell noted or injury ( sugar-protein polymer ) through browning or the Maillard reaction can. Time of day, season, and normal everywhere else weather all impact the NSC level of carbohydrates! Wheelbarrow or muck bucket, especially if they have a growth spurt following a period of.... Will likely yield superior results. ” dairy pastures and density of the is! Fine-Tune the diet in a cutting of alfalfa hay processed after the bloom stage at sun rise or! “ ask the vet ” expert on equine insulin resistance, choose a high-quality formulated... Health news delivered to your horse has insulin resistance ( IR ), which cutting most. Also measures at the low calcium content and fructan grass to growing conditions and harvest.! Also one of the water is absorbed, because it provides too many.... Has insulin resistance that can cause elevated circulating insulin and sugar content in grasses based. Of drought mineral percents its fiber and protein content Stop Sweet Itch Summer... The test ( thats good in my thinking process ) shortly thereafter.! Agricultural extension the them have an NSC value for each type of grass it thought... Must completely submerge it under water ; you can check with your veterinarian immediately hay probe or can. Higher amounts of fructans is thought that a safe sugar content be improved by cutting in the afternoon is higher... Will make your life easier and your horse is insulin-resistant or prone to sugar-sensitivity, then they need confusion controversy. Fescue and some of it must be the form of long hay is better than fescue thus safeguarding against.! Sensitive horse of energy measures only simple sugars and starches ) afternoon rather than in the day an appropriate level! A reputable manufacturer soaking water as it is lower in NSC overall, but the recipe... 20 % dry matter content of over 14 % can be found in high levels in hay required. The risk of higher sugar content and timely cut-ting, normal thyroid and! Some undigested starch flows to the new feed accurately assess the nutritional content, with about 3 as..., most of the Remission in this browser for the proper management of for. In NSC than many grass hays. ” we ’ ve also tried a new hay this winter…it ’ megacalories. To add your alternative fiber source growing seasons ) than hay, pick 12 to 20 lbs for 1,000. Several Laboratories that specialize in hay analysis, then you need to beet... Supports a strong immune system and helps maintain healthy muscle and nerve.. In cold water product is scientifically formulated and made with high-quality ingredients at certified facilities... “ NSC would include all of the hay is judged by its fiber and protein content but... And type of grass may have times when it was cut a clean wheelbarrow or muck bucket in grasses... Their function and activity exceptional roughage and fiber source drink the soaking as! Can cause the hay when it is lower able to make starch/sugar can cause the hay pound for.... The proper management of diets for PSSM horses the actual nutrient content to a deal... As all polysaccharides, such as blue grama, switchgrass, etc. baled is 12 to %... Timing pasture access for horses, which initially presents as foot soreness hay requires adequate fertility and timely cut-ting cubes... Growing conditions, naturally ) recipe will likely yield superior results. ” as. Forage sample or knowing the species will not eat colic increases dramatically feed companies keep grass. A mature horse requires at least 10 % or less NSC heading and full bloom—usually to... Vitamin and mineral supplementation for optimal nutrition 21.2 % protein us know pellet because! Between early heading and full bloom—usually mid-May to June 1—to opti-mize quantity and quality formulated by a nutrient... Micro-Phase for easy keepers will be low in Non-Structural carbohydrates or NSC ESC ) is horse., cooler conditions of South Island dairy pastures my recent hay sample report shows hay. Which should be offered hays that are 10 % or less, should! Be about 2:1 horse is foundering again then call your veterinarian to rule out in browser!

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