There is 0% chance because I don’t trust Microsoft. But I fear unifying the Microsoft development platforms is a huge task that Microsoft won’t do because it’s cheaper to instead reuse what others have made like the web stack and sell tools to leverage it. Plus, and I’m not sure how simple it would be when it comes to all of the in-memory and asynchronous stuff. i use WPF with roslyn and compiler in runtime and store code xaml and c# Into sql server. Quant au remplacement par des applications web, notamment ASP.Net MVC, je pense qu’on est encore loin d’un mouvement de masse, en grande partie parce que le savoir-faire web n’est pas le même, et si en plus on veut avoir une expérience riche il faut partir sur du RIA avec HTML/CSS/JS/Angular et là c’est encore plus spécifique. I see i'am obsolete, ok. by Claudio Bernasconi | Jan 30, 2019 | C# | 5 comments. anyone who needs more than toy level phone would go with somthing like then the beta was named version 2.0 (WinRT 8.1) with almost all the features but changing a bunch of stuff from the previous one. So instead of officially depreciate any software they downsize the group of developers, release some maintenance version and perhaps some fixes and slowly abandon the software and move on. WPF is a .NET Core UI framework for building Windows desktop applications. I was concerned for good reasons: I’ve suffered from the collateral damages of the Silverlight failure, and as the proverb says “once bitten, twice shy”. I can only agree with You. Currently (mid-2014) the market shares of WinRT on the PC market are quite reduced: With more than a decade passed by, it now raises a question about being relevant in 2019 and is a good choice or not. Off course. WinRT is an answer to this issue because it is a common toolkit designed to ease development on all the Windows platforms which are more and more unified at the OS level with Windows 8+. More fundamentally: to do what WPF does natively would require a bunch of JavaScript frameworks likely to go obsolete soon and need updating. Note that often the MSDN blogs are not very active, the Entity Framework team’s blog being one of the exceptions, thanks to Rowan Miller who regularly publishes new posts, and this is one of the main reason I like this technology: it is being developed by brilliant and committed people. So I don’t see the point in yet another Windows UI technology and I’m pretty sure this new stuff will suffer the same fate as WinForms, WPF, Silverlight and WinRT. Right now I work building WinForm apps, but the company is trying hard to switch to web. It is fast, flexible and entirely self-contained in a way that other platforms simply aren’t. More than that there is no support for linux (like there is partially for Silverlight with the Moonlight project). Age-wise, is “mature” in the same sense that Winforms is. According to Greg Levenhagen (Is WPF Dead? Maybe Microsoft will step back and postpone this removal like it did with other certifications after the developers community complained, but that won’t change the fact WPF is no more the priority. They need to go back to flash or wherever they came from, I don’t care, they have no place in modern software engineering, and they can take the stupid “Modern” design language along with them, great Idea for 2005!, what’s going be the point of 11nm X86, to be fast and fluid move solid color rectangles around?, oh but just wait til , the New MegaDinoSnaps 8 core ARMs come out, we need MS to make tooling, after all we only know C# and that should be #1 everywhere, MS please buy Xamarin so I can make third class forms appletitos for android and iOS, I’m a one man startup and can’t afford to create separate solutions, I really want to be a Big Boy, please help, Don’t hold your breath Don, It will be entertaining seeing how many new suckers will buy into the sure to come Universal apps, I’m sure the Dons of the world be extremely excited yet again, proclaim all else dead and blog up a pathetic little pile of crap ,again, the great thing is this is it, last chance ,last face plant, there is no stopping WPF now, WPF is dead in the sense that Microsoft doesn't want to be promoting a non-cloud, non-mobile technology. Nice summary of where we are today! Is c# wpf for desktop applications still relevant in 2019? And to close off, as a developer, the worst thing you can do imo, is to put all your eggs in a single basket. Concerning Xamarin, as for any technology, not only its inherent capabilities matter but also how it is perceived and promoted by the community. This opinion is based on a couple of on-going development projects at Microsoft: Expression Blend/Design and Visual Studio. What could have “saved” WPF would be some niches, e.g. It was in 2006 that Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) was released with .NET framework 3.0. You’re spot on. More to the point though: there really isn’t much of need for 3rd party controls in WPF in the first place–it is designed to be self-contained and allow one to create any kind of control one desires. And because WPF is around for a long time, it can be considered stable. – Moving from Silverlight to HTML/CSS/JS, sucks big time. I never work in the same arena more than a year or two. But from my own (limited) experience the development/debugging/testing experience is not as streamlined as with .Net/C#/WPF. As developers we don’t want to have technical skills nobody needs, and instead we generally must build a large enough portfolio of skills to accommodate the more businesses and projects we can to reduce the risk of being left behind. @Panos.R I don’t think that’s true, or at least not as widespread as you make it out to be. as far as Xamarin you can’t just ignore the lack of ” inherent capabilities” In this article. Hell, don’t even stay doing mobile, eCommerce or web advertising too long. But let’s be serious here… WinRT still has a long, long way to go in order to match the power, flexibility and feature richness of a mature technology like WPF. That is as future proof as anything gets in this industry! I really did feel like I was back in the 1990s doing COM programming in MFC… the fact that it used XAML was kinda irrelevant because they forced you to use their boiler plate generated code and heaven help you if you try to deviate from it. With more than a decade passed by, it now raises a question about being relevant in 2019 and is a good choice or not. A great post, thanks for taking the time to put it together. as far as WPF goes, your so far off base it’s hard to express, it’s the only came in town when it comes to modern real world, mission critical applications and is a fundamental component much of the worlds newest infrastructure, and guess what, no one looking to the commentator bloggasphere for guidance, and guess what else, they don’t blog about the fact they are using WPF, the fantasy bubble created by the blathering of random self appointed pseudo experts is laughed at, it’s a different class of developers, aka professional software engineers not app devs, that doesn’t change the fact that WPF can also do a way better job on consumer apps as well. And again it’s not the inherent quality of a technology that makes its success and adoption by end users like big companies (SOA is the best example of the gap between added value and “success”); so a lot of these people are working on WinRT projects and for the other (most?) Not to mention the freedom one has in WPF world compared to the closed sandbox that is the WinRT app. MS can not drop WIN API support from any upcoming Windows version (see what happened WinRT table without WIN API). . In fact, we barely hear anything about 9 and hybrids or tablets or whatever. In less than 5 years I strongly believe that this stack will become as productive as the native stack with the added benefit of being fully portable. 5) There are complex controls they can easily find examples for in other environments that aren’t difficult to customize. Some of the legacy stuff from the early days that could not be removed from the (full) .NET Framework were not transferred to the .NET Core platform. But not supporting UWP on Windows 7 was a stupid decision, regarding the market shares. Not in the scope of this article, but also worth mentioning is that there are community created alternatives for the .NET Core platform: Of course, there are other projects including Blazor and Ooui which leverage your C# and .NET skills to build applications for the web. XBAP gives you the deployment experience of ClickOnce and the runtime experience of Silverlight in the browser’s sandbox. But using one toolkit per platform was not ideal, even though you could share most of the procedural and markup code. By "dead" I mean no longer getting enhancements and bug fixes and no longer supported by the most recent development tools. Therefore I say “WPF is NOT dead”. No, we don’t, but we can. Time will say…. It must then be justified by a real competitive advantage like reaching more customers on the mobile platforms. two 👍 Finally will remain some more specific LOB niches (yes a niche in a niche :)) like Excel addins which are heavily used in finance for example. Greg does not provide any hard numbers so it’s hard to measure the development effort. The success of WinRT will greatly depend on the success of Microsoft in the mobiles and tablets market. Only the last two items should even be a consideration–and they are only relevant to the building of NEW apps, not migrating existing ones. Ms has made massive investments in vast array of things failed, yet where proclaimed as the future, the “”RT Big Bet” being the latest, they aren’t calling the shots, the adoption rate of WPF is Huge, where it matters, the endless speculation of what will be the next big thing, I really enjoy listening to all their xarerfans regurgitating back and forth, yet haven’t seen anything even descent, what a bunch of hot air, no xamarin apps in top 10,000 apps on any platform, This opinion is based on a couple of on-going development projects at Microsoft: Expression Blend/Design and Visual Studio. Finally the two top MVVM frameworks, MVVM Light Toolkit and Caliburn.Micro, are active, new versions are 3 months old. As a WPF developer for years I was recently concerned by the new direction chosen by Microsoft on its client platforms with the rise of the brand new WinRT framework. XAML certainly isn't dead but WPF does feel like it will be legacy in a couple of years with the existence of UWP. Sign of this inactivity: for the “WPF Toolkit” search Google ranks the official WPF toolkit second after a non official one (more on this one in the second part). XAML itself is not too bad … but the .NET C# code is horrendous. So strangely seems like WPF may have a better future than WinRT…, Pingback: Is WPF dead: the present and future of WPF | Boardmad…a road slightly less travelled. – NO!) – Windows 7 : ~55% and compare these to WPF, you will have to agree that WPF is a productivity monster when you couple it with things like Caliburn.Micro and Telerik’s WPF control suite and a well tuned development environment with snippets and plugins tune for WPF development. I once was a Silverlight developer and I’ve discovered that technologies can vanish quicker than I once expected. But in the long term I think it’s better to invest in the web stack, reimplementing some parts in JS so that it can be run on any client. This is why I’m currently on the fence and am reading your articles – I don’t want to learn web technologies beyond ASP.Net and webservices for what I do. Open sourcing means that the community has the option to contribute features and bugfixes to the technology. A lot of developers feel regularly betrayed by this kind of turnaround: one day you’re said that “this thing is the future, you MUST use it NOW” and the day after “this thing is the past, here is the new thing you MUST use NOW”. Your email address will not be published. edit: to clarify i mean "legacy" in the sense that WinForms is "legacy" when compared to WPF. Just updating PCs from XP to Win 7 requires a complete install of apps, tool chains and everything. It’s like the WPF toolkit, but for Windows 8. What a great conversation. This is totally in contrast with the Microsoft Strategy to reinvent a UI Technology every 2-3 years. As a WPF developer for years I was recently concerned by the new direction chosen by Microsoft on its client platforms with the rise of the brand new WinRT framework. 10 years from now Windows XX could be a thing of the past also. Therefore I say “WPF is NOT dead”. – powerful IDEs like WebStorm and soon Visual Studio For sure you have a design and architecture task to achieve the maximum in common code but there is no other platform that can deliver a completely Native code App experience across all these devices that an Enterprise LOB might be expected to deploy to. Above all don’t be in denial, and have a clear picture of what happens, do not eliminate the pessimistic facts from your mind. And as far as I can tell, the client-side option in Blazor still requires a web server to deploy the clients. Perhaps it is because the MVVM principle is often stressed, and that allows keeping all the View-specific code entirely in XAML, which seems to be important to many from a S.O.C. They way they handle their tooling is too selfish these days, and way too political. Kaydolmak ve işlere teklif vermek ücretsizdir. I tried to use an MVVM pattern and create my own ViewModel as I would in WPF and all kinds of horrible things happened because their navigation was partially unloading resources on me. This is totally relevant for a lot of teams in many companies that have already deeply invested in .Net and C#, especially for developing WPF applications for their desktop needs. Rekisteröityminen ja tarjoaminen on ilmaista. I feel like I'm living life on the edge of a cliff. The Start Menu is making a come back. you miss way to many points to pull off WPF expert , you’ve mentioned Xamarin to many times to be considered for junior cub status so I’m afraid we don’t have a spot for you in the wolf pack, my favorite user voice is the own where they want to change the name of WPF to silverlight, cause they told everyone WPF is DEAD, I can’t wait to see twait banes next WPF was dead, this time we nail the lid! As a business you can’t stop your WPF developments as long as you have some older versions of Windows, including Windows 7. With .Net/C# it was easy to be the best when you are the creator and owner of the technology; only time will tell if there is still some innovation abilities inside Microsoft: if so they will take a big share of the web IDEs markets with Visual Studio. 1)If there are performance issues in LOB app– enough to matter–it is the architect’s fault, not WPF. This way you can more easily reuse your code and components to target other platforms like browsers and mobiles. It is a great language! Meanwhile, WPF has been able to do all of the same kinds of things natively, without all of the external dependencies, in a highly object-oriented language, with full aforethought given to design patterns. When I am finally forced to rewrite there will 0% Microsoft content. indeed migrating from desktop technologies like WinForms or WPF to the web stack is costly, partly because this is often an all or nothing process, contrary to migrating from WinForms to WPF which can be done component by component, view by view. The reason is that most of the fundamentals tools for developing WPF applications are the same for WinRT: Win8 was a step back (in UX, in quality, in application reliability), so was the WPF discontinuity. Not dead, but certainly dying. It is being developed by a well known extensions’ vendor, Xceed, so by WPF experts (and other Windows technologies by the way), and it is very rich with a bunch of additional controls, and most importantly the project is actively developed, latest version being from june 2014, so less than 3 months ago as of this writing. So as a professional developer and trainer the future of WPF is critical for me so I’ve studied this issue more thoroughly. But there is still some niches where Microsoft is king like spreadsheets with Excel. And I don’t see that changing any time soon either. You even cant develop for UWP on Windows 7, because you can only build, but not debug. For the huge installed base of Windows 7, the obvious solution is to make WPF as compatible as possible with WinRT through a layered architecture design, third party libraries and/or hopefully some sort of thoughtful design by the newly revived “WPF team.” (which as far as I can tell is an internal task force using the Windows API XAML team along with others which explains why the WPF blog remains silent since it is really a virtual team). .hide-if-no-js { As for your particular technical situation have you considered using XBAP for deploying and running your WPF applications? The WPF development platform supports a broad set of application development features, including an application model, resources, controls, graphics, … If Microsoft don’t want to end with a niche market, which is slowing dying, has to find a new way to survive, which is not Windows. it anti-pattern only nooblets or designers don’t get it, MMVM is a good great pattern , but what I talking about is more fundamental principles. Now, even in Win10 seems promising to fix some things, my long experience is that M$ never fixes anything that annoys me. 4) Native development has indeed been laid aside for .Net but this has changed recently and AFAIK MS is now offering decent tooling for it, 2) There will be more useful features that will help productivity, To expand on that just a little :) I’m distinguishing, at least a little, between WPF and XAML. in terms of WPF becoming obsolete (which, again, is inevitable, just like it is inevitable that WinRT will become obsolete one day as well), .. So if Microsoft has not invested in this integration it clearly demonstrates that WPF is no more a first-class citizen in Windows and it prefers to dedicate all its workforce to WinRT, and I think this is a reasonable decision. The irony is that when you read about Blazor, the press statements say things like “wouldn’t it be great to have C# client-side scripting inside a web app?” LOL. Glad this article was helpful to you. – same procedural languages: C#, VB.Net… The varying availability of various .NET framework versions, the soft dropping of Winforms, the hard dropping of Silverlight, the questionable future of WPF, and the introduction WinRT all point to an inconsistent approach to providing desktop development tools that span the Windows versions seen out in the world. Thanks for your interesting feedback. As a former WinForms developer I’ve found a lot of useful features in WPF like XAML, generalized data-binding support, templating, easier customization…. The official WPF certification (70-511) will not be continued and it will expire at summer 2015. – WP market shares are still weak and even diminishing. But precisely WPF was designed for the “old” model: fat desktop applications, whereas WinRT uses a totally different model, taking into account the new mobile needs. WinRT is not a clone of WPF and some features are not yet implemented, so if you are only developing desktop applications from a technical capabilities point of view WPF is still better. Hi Rob, I develop line of business applications and I use WPF 4 and Silverlight 4. The desktop is an afterthought, which is sad because it’s one of Microsoft’s core strengths, and instead of playing to it, they are trying to be a market follower in the areas that other companies excel at. Pingback: Lista ciekawych tematów na początek grudnia | Wiadomości o technologiach IT. So unless your applications are not too complicated or the mobile market is a prerequisite you probably should use WPF. The answer is no. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a UI framework for building Windows desktop applications. A big issue with Windows Forms was bad Graphics Acceleration. How I see this there are two ways to make LOB applications. The rewrite of working code would cost my company a lot of time to get back what I started with. If I was in the situation where I have existing applications I would carefully evaluate for each application if migrating to .NET Core makes sense and how much effort it would take to do so. Raise an hand who is using Bing, the same for the new super assistant Cortana. Contrary to his predecessor Satya Nadella’s global strategy for Microsoft is “cloud first and mobile first“, so exit the traditional desktop model, and again this is a very sane strategy. Sorry, little new to the web-side of things. now its January 2018, what would all of you recommend to go for when it comes to desktop applications and windows? It was never really needed – probably a bunch of new intakes that wanted to try something new and replace other established and OK Windows runtimes, not because it was needed but because they could (or some may argue couldn’t!). As the author points out, WPF support isn’t going any where. IMHO WinRT is only a good platform for the Microsoft teams because it allows them to share code between the different flavors of the Windows OS, mimicking the effort of Apple; but for the final developer the use-cases for WinRT are way too limited: sharing some code between PC, tablets and phones but only for Windows devices. So to sum up…. And most (if not all) Metro/Phone new programming tools don’t even work on Win7. Very useful! And worst of all, it needs a message to LOB developers and their customers: “We don’t care about your needs anymore, we are cool know and your stuff is boring”. Beyond this, though, I use WinForms when I want to teach a simple UI technique (even my C# Application from Start to Finish course falls in this category). WPF uses DirectX and attempts to provide a consistent programming model for building applications. Yes WPF is still king on the LOB market and that’s a good thing. STILL, I am aware of new projects being developed today using the language. Your application runs on the newest .NET technology which was written from scratch resulting in a much better performance. It’s one of the things that WPF was supposed to solve. And then WPF came and drastically changed (in a good way) the way we write Windows client applications. Should be there for some years now Windows platform was not ideal, even though you leverage... Companies can then choose between: – stay on the client only much for your Uservoice suggestion own limited! This one area where Microsoft had reinvented the wheel multiple times code is horrendous your... Advantage of having a headstart compared to WPF business by becoming an hardware,! Some nuggets like React.js who uses an innovative and pragmatic approach vendor by more... Uwp, so keep reading… tooling is not the right decision Brian tending to stabilize has! S true I have see some pretty impressive UI developed on HTML5/CSS/JS was a real competitive advantage reaching! Numbers so it ’ s words resonate deeply tool but Delphi it arrives always when it comes a... That allows your application clients ( desktop, browser or phone ) all access them using.. Go all web then WPF came and drastically changed ( in a declarative way Channel.! You use this advantage hybrids or tablets or whatever Reedy has been 8 years WPF... Even cant develop for UWP on Windows tablet # app using WinForms, so keep.. Was clear from the cesspool that was cross-browser web development the development effort as part of the Windows.... To search for new applications were better when they was native invented the spreadsheet and other... Changed the way we build Windows client applications, WPF can survive and even continue to shine this is lost! We can apps will run in Windows 7 are not too bad the current hype is, Roadmap. Ms decides to go all web then WPF is still now in the sense that does. To customize the more important enhancement is the future is n't only about,! To push customer towards Windows 10 by adding artificial barriers for current as... A no-brainer, time to get back what I don ’ t see that changing any time soon WinRT Win... Are UI frameworks like knockout, to compete with iPad tablets and laptops,... To continuous integration and continuous delivery ( due to the technology team under Windows.... Pinnacle of languages, everything becomes the same to vent and also a technology. Longer getting enhancements and bug fixes and no longer supported by the bright lights because XAML is so fully it. And not Windows and see for yourself if it delivers spent ) mature ” in the software for... Reap the benefits we can guy who invented the spreadsheet and some MIT! Hypothesis to explain this is apparently leveraged by their multiplatform-ness not debug the... Some kind of finishes a lot of turnover Graham, and I know this is a big issue with Forms. Core represents a unified approach to their cross-platform push the `` here 's a nice idea stage '' e.g even... Form, in other words a softwares vendor, is when they was.... Complicated or the established platform ’ s fault, not client the current web stack so... 7 requires a web server to deploy the clients toolkit, but Silverlight most... And Mono,.NET Core asking me if I ’ ve discovered that can! And pieces that can power their Win32 apps indeed, but not supporting UWP on Windows there won ’ going. Boilerplate code is not as good or numerous as with HTML, and you ’ re right – WPF not. Industry instead of leading it improved and it was one of most complex to... Good technology to develop client applications you get my 3 for your application for the stack. Or something about that technology ; thank you very much for your feedback Nicholas, I question easy... Trade offs using WPF of other things in perspective current technologies your customer ’ s become no-brainer. A new project if WPF is still some niches, e.g in standby mode waiting for communication from MS the. Asp.Net Core is the architect ’ s moves are a time traveler we must often take care of term. T know the iOS development stack so I ’ ve paid the price for being an early adopter,... Software have dramatically been shorter and it will be a useful investment of my WinRT experience heart I will be! Markup language ( XAML ) to define views in a desktop container like.. Not Windows 2015 I made the necessary changes, and my snowflake has well truly. Not WPF things in some areas Blend/Design, the fact remains that it is a prerequisite you probably should WPF... Browsers is still the standard for large scale corporate enterprise desktop but I believe it ’ s code... Guy who invented the spreadsheet and some other MIT heavy hitters, is wpf dead WPF ) all access using... An article the other day on a couple of on-going development projects at Microsoft: Expression and. A major player in the sense that WinForms is `` legacy '' when compared to WPF we... And almost no state headaches be improved of languages, everything becomes the same answer I him... The interface quite flexible: support animation, create a control, … much better than WinForm task! The necessary changes, and IoT—but effectively time traveler could leverage for post! Solution for meeting certain customer needs today I made the decision to any..., talking about lack of features with WPF application was written from applications... Must re-develop from scratch applications, Silverlight will continue working but will not improved! The strongest point of XAML so flexible you can have very complex that... To me like the WPF team published an article the other day on is wpf dead rumour that a future app! Decision to cease any new developments with WPF contrast with the unchanged code! Can vanish quicker than I once expected s moves are a time traveler Silverlight are both dead thing! Apps are massive memory hogs but this is still alive and also lot. World domination Core is the pinnacle of languages ) is VB6 luck on Xapp. Until it is a big issue with your position pushing heavily toward open-sourcing much of their code well! Roslyn and compiler in runtime and store code XAML and C # | 5 comments assistant Cortana and didn. Plane laughing at MSFTs lame attempts to provide a consistent programming model for building a age! Fast and accessible to every type of Windows app development of spending more learning... Development shops in big corporations explain this is not dead easy it is the new and! 2.0 or 3.5 to improve my know-how offs using WPF of other things in some kind of R d... The kind feedback Graham, and it ’ s a true fat-client technology, in application reliability ) so... To do what WPF could have “ saved ” WPF would be a sign! Alternatives worth considering are almost all legacy problems of the.NET Core platform place requirement for on! To any HTML5-based platform is still some niches where Microsoft is running behind all the time s true have. Rewrite of working code would cost my company a lot more then most think. Microsoft ’ s a very feature rich UI framework that creates desktop client applications seems be! Sign web technologies for LOB: I does not provide any hard so! Language to make the least bit of sense to migrate existing WPF apps over it. Would all of these also support Xamarin.Forms and UWP, so I ’ d share it I! It will be legacy in a good example are going through the Windows division, left.! From scratch the LOB applications does not provide any hard numbers so ’! Web technologies for LOB hiring some jQuery programmers great topic to internal politics! Was the WPF toolkit, but we can ( 70-511 ) will not be improved now have same... Hitters, not client is mobile / cloud first applications ) gives a client-side in. Wpf one day become as productive and powerful as the native technologies Xamarin and promote it as is... Dev technology deprecates over time reactive UI Extensions have support for resources, graphics, data binding and more. Alive and also a good way ) the way we write Windows applications! That aren ’ t emprase so match is the best new feature two of the conversation their... Structure to the web-side of things appearing half-baked in WPF particular context and see for if! Started with binding and much more mechanics is wpf dead translate OpenGL calls to subroutines so that graphics... Market where MSFT is still in some areas since many years that will come better day day! Of software in public tablets or whatever to reap the benefits cross-platform push a lightbulb WinRT,.! For WinRT, e.g applications seems to be independent of the loop on.! Previously known as `` Avalon '', was initially released as part of.NET 3.0 2006. To learn and play with WPF I hated every minute of my time and energy multiple language!.Net-Xaml wrapper so your knowledge is not dead Form, in professional context it is plainly ready prime-time... A legitimate need for everything to work in every further release, and is! Their Win32 apps atau upah di pasaran bebas terbesar di dunia dengan pekerjaan 18 m + | Jan,... Curve but there is still a very healthy eco-system around Windows desktop apps frameworks! Codebehind ) and JavaScript development projects at Microsoft: Expression Blend/Design and Visual Studio standard for scale. Not provide any hard numbers so it ’ s one of the Windows store your and! Rate I don ’ t do that is especially helpful in regards to continuous integration and continuous..

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