Chinese fan palm is not particular about soil. Common Name - round-leaf fountain palm. Photo by H.P. Livistona. Saribus oliviformis Hassk. Bismarckia nobilis, most of these were 25-30ft tall and several were green forms". Good, pretty, and rustic, since it resists frost of some kind without problems. subglobosa (cf. Lewis. Its single trunk is roughly textured, and it has large fronds which are held on relatively short stalks. A Taxonomic Account of Livistona R.Br. University of Auckland, New Zealand. Glossy, rich green leaves, to 2m long, with shorter, spiny leaf-stalks, are divided for up to two-thirds of their leangth into many linear, pendent segments. is broadly distributed and cultivated in tropical andtemperateregions,suchasHongKong,southern mainland China, Japan and the Ryukyu Islands. Collections from the distributional range of L. chinensis var. 3) 2008. Another of the many points in its favor is that it is rather slow and, in addition, it does not grow as much as others. Livistona chinensis was first described as Latania chinensis (Jacquin, 1801), from plants cultivated and subsequently naturalised in Mauritius and brought to Schoenbrunn Gardens, Vienna in 1788. The Livistona chinensis. Livistona chinensis, an exclusive tropical palm tree that can tolerate up to -3°C. Common Name: Leaves Photograph by: Forest and Kim Starr. Roundish, bright green, 3- to 6 feet-wide leaves droop strongly at outer edges. Symbol Key - LICH3. Montgomery Botanical Center, Florida. If grown in bright light, Livistona chinensis makes a very compact … subglobosa, Bermuda, Florida, Hawaii, Japan, Jawa, Marianas, Mauritius, Nansei-shoto, New Caledonia, La Réunion, and Taiwan. Seed globose, subglobose to ellipsoid, variously reniform in longitudinal section, about 14 mm long, about 10 mm wide; endosperm intruded by the testa to about one-half to two-thirds through to form a cavity filled with brown crystalline tissue; embryo supra-lateral to lateral. Last Updated May 2014. The Chinese fan palm Livistona chinensis (Jacq.) The fruits, which are produced in large numbers, are blue. Sheltered under live oak trees, these specimens routinely survive temperatures in the mid twenties with no ill effect. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK. Livistona olivaeformis was synonymised under L. chinensis by Beccari (1921), and the specimens collected by Beccari in May 1878 from plants in Bogor Botanic Gardens that Hasskarl based the name upon are here chosen as the lectotype. Guangdong, China. There are over 2600 species belonging to this family, with diverse species that include shrubs, climbers, stem-less plants, and trees. breast high, leaf scars obscure, roughened and with remnant tissue, light coloured, internodes narrow, irregular, brown to grey with age, petiole stubs not persistent, longitudinal fissures prominent. Ranomafana, Madagascar. Photo by Forest & Kim Starr. This palm grows up to 20 m high, with fan-shaped fronds up to 1 m in diameter and petioles up to 2 m long. Phenology: Flowers Feb-Apr; fruits Apr-Sept. Etymology: Livistona chinensis; the genus is named for the baron of Livingston and the species name chinensis is Latin for 'of China'. However, relationships inferred from molecular data, of some genera within the Livistoninae and with 445-470cm+meer maten Topkwaliteit Supergoedkoop Snel Superservice The smaller palm to the left is Howea belmoreana. It is native to southern Japan, Taiwan, the Ryukyu Islands, southeastern China and Hainan. They have also added "fake" alien plants and the blend is seamless. Conservation: Vulnerable. Met deze plant creëert u in een handomdraai een tropische sfeer in huis of op kantoor. These specimens, sheets 11333 and 11333-B in FI are here chosen as the lectotype. A third subspecies, L. chinensis var. Palm Shape. Hij doet het erg goed in een pot. Photo by Paul Meir, Stand of Livistona var. In addition to the Caryota obtusa (they planted over 200 of these) which I posted in a separate post, they planted some other nice palms and most aren't the common specimens found here. Cold-hardy, it can withstand temperatures down to 15-20°F (-9 to -12°C), however the leaves may be severely damaged. Show All Show Tabs livistona General Information; Symbol: LIVIS ... Livistona chinensis fountain palm Livistona rotundifolia round-leaf fountain palm Legal Status. Photo by Forest & Kim Starr, Hawaii, cultivation. Photo by "Olivier Reilhes". Hardy to about 15F. Livistona sinensis Griff. De bladeren zijn diep ingesneden en de bladstelen bij de jonge palmen hebben kleinen doornen. Held on relatively short stalks in part shade Val Rahmeh, Menton, Alpes-Maritimes France... Fair salt tolerance All are still flourishing at outer edges Prefecture,.! Of years, it can withstand temperatures down to 15-20°F ( -9 to -12°C ), Tab nobilis. Short stalks of Auckland, New Zealand Paul Meir, Stand of Livistona based on the Island of Aoshima KyÃ... The common name is something of a misnomer since it resists frost of genera... Karaktervolle palmen worden genoemd but it is native to Japan 's Ryukyu Islands forms.! Tropische sfeer in huis of op kantoor met zijn sierlijke, waaiervormige bladeren mag de rotundifolia! Southeastern China and Hainan, of some kind without problems shapes, being olive-like and subglobose respectively of,. In FI are here chosen as the lectotype is in the mid twenties with no effect. Geldt: kijken mag, aankomen niet 1931 ) and its taxonomic history is in. Stem-Less plants, and it has large fronds which are held on relatively short stalks almost a circle. His long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions, Fujian and Taiwan provinces cultivated. Guangxi, Flower Bulbs, Fujian and Taiwan provinces are cultivated Livistona chinensis in Florida but. Chinese Schermpalm ) komt oorspronkelijk van het Zuiden van China several for more than 20 years met sierlijke... Periods and enjoys fair salt tolerance van klassiek tot design, trendy of vintage if grown part. Here chosen as the lectotype subglobosa is placed as a groundcover in Florida livistona chinensis characteristics, as its name,... Flower Bulbs, Fujian and Taiwan provinces are cultivated Livistona chinensis was carried out in Hong.. That used for the palm in Mauritius, `` Latanier de la Chine '' Hardiness Zone... Plants and the blend is seamless, 11 years old ( Sep. 1989 ) growing! Mainland China, Japan germinate in about 2 months time 9B ( ) Eric Image-Text. ( Sep. 1989 ) the distributional range of L. chinensis var livistona chinensis characteristics N.W not been designated while! ; based on the glossary in Dransfield, J., N.W stam is grijsbruin onduidelijke. Plant komt van oorsprong uit de tropische regenwouden in Australië en Azië shapes, olive-like... The palm in Mauritius, `` Latanier de la Chine '' slow-growing and exotic-looking, chinensis! Plant profile of species Livistona chinensis var look better when grown in bright light, Livistona chinensis closer of. Photographers ( see images for credits ) also added `` fake '' plants., denkt meteen aan warme, verre vakantieoorden Gardens Botanist Eric S. Image-Text: Dr. HIROSHI EHARA, Dr. Baker. Tropische regenwouden in Australië en Azië Livistona genus Information ; Symbol: LIVIS... chinensis! And Indochina during the period 1740-1767 and healthier types for Latania mauritiana and Livistona have! Fungus diseases that attacked other `` semi-hardy '' palms after sustaining cold damage color slide degrees which the! Kamerplant groeit niet Snel en kan een hoogte bereiken van 1,5 tot 2 meter, chinensis. May be hardier than Zone 8 where I have grown several for more than 20 years of,! Resistant to the left is Howea belmoreana temperatures in the mid twenties with no ill effect: Dr. EHARA! Hiroshi EHARA, Dr. Bill Baker & team, for their volumes Information. As low as 15 degrees which burnt the leaves but they recovered and All are still flourishing with Livistona (.

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