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Victorian Parliament House

The Victorian Government is undertaking a review of the state’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act.

It comes about due to a legislated requirement to undertake the review. The review is being undertaken by the Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (a joint investigatory committee).

This will be a major review and it will be important that Victorians take part. There will be a need to ensure that as many submissions are received outlining the need for a continued and strengthened Charter of Human Rights. It’s particularly important to ensure there are as many submissions as possible in order to maintain a spotlight on the new government’s approach to human rights. And especially given the outcomes of the review into the Equal Opportunity Act resulting in the winding back of some important steps forward in protecting and promoting equal opportunity.

The terms of reference for the review are:

To inquiry into and report by 1 October 2011 on the first four years of operation of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 (the Charter Act), including:
(1) the matters referred to in section 44(2) of the Charter Act
(2) the effects of the Charter Act on
(a) the develoment and drafting of statutory provisions
(b) the consideration of statutory provisions by Parliament
© the provision of services, and the performance of other fucntions, by public authorities
(d) litigation and the roles and functioning of courts and tribunals
(E) the availability to Victorians of accessible, just and timely remedies for infringements of rights
(3) the overall benefits and costs of the Charter Act; and
(4) options for reform or improvement of the regime for protecting and upholding rights and responsibilities in Victoria.

In carrying out its inquiry, the Committee is asked to take note of, and make use of as it sees fit, the evidence and findings of, and government responses to, previous inquiries and reports concerning rights and responsibilities in Australia.

Submissions should be addressed to Mr Edward O’Donohue MLC, Chairperson, Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee and sent to –

Parliament of Victoria,
Melbourne Vic 3002

or by email (with position, name and address) to:

Submissions close on Friday 10 June 2011.

I’ll be making a submission, and posting it here; will you make a submission too?


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