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A little while ago I wrote a piece for The Angle about Tony Abbott’s political style using boxing as an analogy.

Well it would seem that Abbott has gone from probing jabs to body blows to now trying for an outright KO.

With the Liberals’ attacks on the carbon price fizzling out, they needed something new to keep the attacks on the government going. But as the Liberals lurch from attacking the Government, the Independents and the Greens about the carbon price package* to now attacking the Government over the allegations leveled at the Member for Dobell (I’ll go out on a limb and use Thomo-gate), their strategy is exposed.

It’s now more clear than ever that Tony Abbott really has no interest in policy and is opportunistically attacking the government.

There’s no substance in the efforts of the Leader of the Opposition to claim the high ground over Thomo-gate. As is being rightfully pointed out there were more than enough scandals, involving taxpayers money, that plagued the Howard government, of which Abbott was a senior member. In fact there were quite a few scandals, not least of which being the $300+ million handed over to Saddam Hussein’s regime by the Australian Wheat Board while Australia was at war with Iraq.

The policies that have been wheeled out have been lambasted. Just look at their Direct Action plan for climate change; no credible economist has backed the plan. Although the (misleadingly named) Institute for Public Affairs and Menzies House would love to have people believe otherwise. Tony Abbott has no interest in having a dialogue with the nation about what the Liberal Party has to offer Australians. There is no hint, clue or trace of any efforts by the Liberal Party to outline a vision for Australia.  And when probed about the lack of policies we’re served up the same old, tired excuse about how they’ll release policies in good time before the next election. It’s a favourite line of Abbott, Hockey and Abetz.

One thing is certain though wherever Abbott sniffs the blood in the wind that’s where you can bet the Coalition’s attacks will focus on next.

Abbott’s strategy is exposed with Thomo-gate – relentlessly attack anything until the Coalition wins government.

*The first of a raft of legislation for the introduction of the carbon price package was passed by the House of Representatives today. It need only be passed by the Senate now and Australia is on its way to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

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I think that the Liberals not Labor had better find a better leadership to lead them to the next election. There is nothing personal against them but, as I said, when the leadership of a major political party is more naive than it's electorate then a change is imperative.I can, off hand come up with at least 3 previous politicians who can lead better.And they are not from the Liberal side but from the National side. Doug Anthony, Ian Sinclair and John Anderson.And they were NOT tertiary educated...just plain farmers. But they had one quality which the present leadership of the Liberal Party has not.They were true blue politicos who knew how to lead their electorate the way THEY wanted it....where sometimes as I said before, this has to occur for the good of that same electorate (after all you name me an electorate in the world where it really knows it's direction). There are none!
Well I though John Anderson was indeed tertiary educated but that's neither here or there. The Liberal Party is at risk of being brought un-done by a directless leadership that has no positive story to tell. The constant negative will continue to work in their favour especially when people think about what the Liberals have to offer to improve the so-called problems.

If Labor has lost its direction then so has the Liberal Party with Abbott at the helm.
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