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Last year we had an election campaign where the leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott declared on radio that WorkChoices was “dead, buried and cremated”.  He was responding to questions about the Coalition’s industrial relations policy, or lack thereof, in the first week of the campaign. We never heard from the Coalition’s IR spokesperson, Eric Abetz, despite the promises of Mr Abbott to produce an industrial relations policy before the polling day.

But over recent weeks and months, the truth about the Coalition’s industrial relations policy is coming out. And last week Tony Abbott sent the strongest signal yet that the Coalition intends to bring back the worst elements of WorkChoices.

Although he’s claiming that WorkChoices is in the past, you have to wonder about how genuine he is when his colleagues and big business chums continue to use the same rhetoric as that used by John Howard when he introduced WorkChoices. And we were treated to the Howard-era rhetoric just recently on 7.30 from the man himself, of which Tony Abbott is a devoted follower.

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We’re being treated to cacophony of big business, lobbyists and Coalition identities all singing from the same song-sheet about the ills of the Fair Work Act. Yet these so-called ills are more fanciful than reality.

We’re hearing about how ‘productivity’ is slumping – remember that line about improving productivity from John Howard. And of course along with the ‘productivity’ line we’re treated to the ‘need to increase flexibility’, which we all know means more flexibility for the employer.

It beggars belief that Tony Abbott talks about re-introducing individual contracts, which stripped away things like penalty rates, despite his industrial relations spokesperson ruling out taking away penalty rates. Abetz was forced to issue the statement after celebrity MP John Alexander let slip his thoughts on doing away with penalty rates if they were, you know, making business uncompetitive.

So which is to be? Penalty rates stay or do they go?

And let’s not forget that we have three state Liberal Premiers advocating their own WorkChoices-styled legislation. We’re witnessing Barry O’Farrell, Liberal NSW Premier, undermine the rights of thousands of workers. In Victoria, Ted Baillieu has upped the ante by declaring ‘war’ on building and construction unions. He also did a major back-flip on election promises to teachers and emergency services workers about pay and conditions.

Every week it becomes clearer and more obvious that WorkChoices is truly in the Liberal Party’s DNA. And it’s getting harder for them to conceal their desires to return the worst elements of the WorkChoices laws.

As Jeff Lawrence, the secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions said:

“Any previous claim that WorkChoices is ‘dead, buried and cremated’ has been shown up as a lie.”

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I am calling on the many intellectuals on these online forums(I am presuming that there some) to commence NOT to be diverted on what the present government in Canberra is doing (we can all judge it's performance at the next Federal Election) but to focus on what the 'alternative government' has to offer.It is quite useless to comment on the "devil we know" in government.It is however quite beneficial to investigate the 'devil we do not know'. To date all we know about the 'alternative government' of Australia is that it is against the carbon tax.....period!
Surely it must think us half wits to assume that it will be elected in a 'bludger's election' ONLY on this issue. Now should it be elected ONLY on this issue alone....then we will not only be thought as half wits....but it will be proven as well
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