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Recent research has suggested that many people using WiFi broadband in the home are getting significantly slower speeds than those with fixed broadband. These days many people decide to get wireless routers so that they can get online w...
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There are 3 different categories that you can buy a printer cartridge; “ Genuine” cartridges “ Compatible” cartridges “ Refilled” cartridges Genuine cartridges are simply described as cartridges ma...
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Universal Connectivity – Mobile Hotspots work with any device that is Wi- Fi enabled and made within the last 10 years. Since the connection is 100% Wi- Fi, no configuration is needed on connected devices, just browse for your SSID (name of w...
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Router vs Switch

Do you know what is the difference between router and switch ?? For beginner, it’ s not easy but If you already have learned about networking, you can find easily the difference between these devices, okay. . let’ s take a closer l...
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A computer network is a group of desktop computers or laptops and other computer networking devices such as printer, switch, router which are connected each other with the main purpose is to share or exchange data each other. In homes, this co...
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Wireless computer networking allows you to connect the computers via a wireless access point without a networking cable. Today, wireless networking in homes becomes popular tasks replacing traditional wired LAN because the portability reason and...
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Welcome to GutterTrash

Welcome to GutterTrash, here you can find some tips and tricks about home networking, Hey. . It’ s easy if you know how to do it. . Easy as 1. .2. .3. . More post will be added in the near future For opening post, you can watch si...
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Is this what they fought for? Anzac Day.   Is it just an excuse for white trash bogans to get pissed and indulge in a bit of senseless flag- wearing? According to a recent study for Department of Veterans’ Affairs, the answer is a reso...
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Former QLD Premier Anna Bligh quits following election bloodbath Bligh Bloodbath signals Death Knell for Federal Labor Despite outward appearances of strength and unity, many Federal Labor Mps are quivering in their boots (and high heels r...
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Weekend Gab Fest!

Hello and welcome to another Weekend Gab Fest! And what a tumultuous (and I don’t use that word lightly) week it’s been. This weekend will see the death knell of Queensland’s Anna Bligh, who despite handing down a stoic performance during...

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