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It’s just occurred to me, that in recent weeks, I’ve actually given up on television.

It wasn’t a dramatic separation of ways, we just simply grew apart.

No monumental, emotional parting of ways, no tantrums nor tears, I just grew disillusioned with what television had to offer in my life, and for all intents and purposes TV just didn’t fit into my life anymore.

“It’s not you,” I said to my Samsung 50.

“It’s me.”

“I’m just not turned on by you anymore, nor by anything you’ve got to offer..”

But I don’t blame television, it could well be me. 

For the past ten years ago, nay, let’s make it twenty, I’ve just come to the conclusion that television and I have very little in common and very little to offer each other

It would be fair to say that there was no sudden decisive moment, no startling revelation to suggest that all of a sudden everything had gone wrong or turned to custard.


Like most relationship breakdowns, it was a just a gradual realisation that we weren’t exactly cut out for each other.

Tracy Grimshaw was just the beginning.

Today Tonight a close starter, but when our daily press is preoccupied with losers like Kyle Sandilands (who?) I’m simply left gobsmacked as to the intellect of your average Australian.

Without wishing to appear self-serving, it’s about time that the Australian mainstream media started to cater to their audience with just a hint of content that might suggest that we’re not all mindless bogans, rednecks or racists.

Surely it isn’t too much to ask?

Regardless of which side of the political spectrums you sit….

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I do understand Reb.....and by the way a very unusual and quite inventive blog..rarely seen.
I am in the same boat you know. ...but I bet not for the same reasons as yours. Do you know that we have in our household......4 HD set top boxes....'cause we got caught up with the usual hype of "freeview" having so many quality programs. Now we realize...or at least I do...I am the more discerning of the family on which programs are really entertaining that this was just all plain....hype! Fortunately for us HD set top boxes are pretty cheap so we are not that much out of pocket. It is 'shame on me" that by living in Australia for 50 decades I forgot to realize that by "quality" programming they were meaning ....sports! If you ain't sports minded in will be like do not find entertainment on the visual media interesting. Oh well I have my ol' DVD player and I do watch a lot of entertaining DVD's
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