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Good afternoon and welcome to another weekend gab fest..!

And what a dramatic week it’s been!

As has been widely reported, while most of us were all enjoying a snag and a tinnie, the Prime Minister Julia Gillard spent Australia Day being unceremoniously dragged from an official Australia Day event in Canberra after the venue was stormed by Aboriginal activists from the nearby “Tent Embassy.”

Many, including the dementia club, have laid the blame firmly at the feet of Tony Abbott, however if you have actually watch the footage that was supposedly the spark that ignited the furore it is clear his remarks were harmless. 

In fact, in the same footage he calls Kevin Rudd’s 2008 apology to indigenous Australians a “great achievement” of the Rudd Labor Government.

And as TB Queensland points out, Tony Abbott is one of the politicians that has actually worked alongside Aboriginal Australians when help was needed.

Personally, I think it would be a nice gesture if the so called “Tent Ambassadors” gave Julia her shoe back.

In other news, after some three-year investigation (some marriages don’t last that long), Fair Work Australia has finally, finally announced that as a result of its investigation it has determined “adverse findings” against Labor MP Craig Thomson following allegations he misused his credit card.

Today, the Gillard Government has announced it will give same-sex Australian couples who want to marry overseas a certificate of no impediment.

The certificate, which is required by some countries for heterosexual and same-sex couples, proves a person is over 18, is not married, and that there is no other barrier to them getting married.

Until now the Government only provided the certificate for heterosexual couples but same sex couples will be able to apply for the document from February 1.

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says while it does not mean a same-sex marriage is recognised in Australia, it does remove a discriminatory hurdle.

“Same-sex couples have been very insulted that they can’t get from their government a certificate which says they’re not married to anyone else,” she said.

“It’s a pretty basic thing and that prevents them from benefiting from the laws of another country. So it’s a removal of discrimination rather than the next step, which our Australian Parliament hasn’t yet dealt with.”

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