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Belligerent hate-filled nutter, Jesus defender, and Christian Democrats MP the “Reverend” Fred Nile has hit the media once again, this time to condemn says federal Finance Minister Penny Wong for parenting a child with her female partner Sophie Allouache.

The conservative Christian MP is no stranger to controversy. Recently he lobbied the NSW government to drop the popular ethics classes from being taught in schools arguing that religious scripture was more appropriate.   The reverend described the ethics classes as “the philosophy that we saw during World War Two with the Nazis and the communists.”

Now, the reverend has launched a personal attack on Penny Wong saying that she is “is setting a bad example” by having a baby with her female partner.

Senator Wong today announced her partner, Sophie Allouache, is due to give birth in December after falling pregnant through IVF.

NSW Christian Democrats leader Mr Nile is opposed to same-sex relationships and children being raised by gay couples.

“I’m totally against a baby being brought up by two mothers – the baby has human rights,” the upper house MP said.

“It’s a very poor example for the rest of the Australian population.”

“She needn’t have made it public – it just promotes their lesbian lifestyle and trying to make it natural where it’s unnatural.

“The only reason she’s made it public is to make a statement to the Australian people.”

Mr Nile, who has led prayers vigils during Sydney’s annual gay Mardi Gras parade, called on Prime Minister Julia Gillard to have a “talk” with her cabinet colleague about her decision to publicise the impending birth.

“She should have a serious talk with her,” he said.

But he also had words for the prime minister’s unmarried status.

“Because of her own life, that puts her in a weaker position than if she was traditionally married herself,” he said.

Mr Nile said he was surprised Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop had congratulated Senator Wong.

“I’m surprised she’s done that. She’s treated this as if Penny Wong is in a traditional relationship,” he said.

The NSW parliament last year passed legislation giving same-sex couples the right to adopt children.

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Why Can’t Fred Nile Just Fuck Off and Die?
Belligerent hate-filled nutter, Jesus defender, and Christian Democrats MP the “Reverend” Fred Nile has hit the media once again.

Tragic Red Reb, if this be your position, I'd hate to see you when you were yourself actually "hate-filled".

Streets of London for you Reb? Posted Image
"Belligerent hate-filled nutter" ... Pot meet Kettle ;)
...still - he's got a point..
I personally admired him, if he as a 'famous' Christian does not speak up, who else will. He is entitled to his opinion. In today's society, anyone with an opinion is called names.
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