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Flag shag scene upsets diggers


  • It’s disgusting!
  • Vets “going balistic!”
  • Pathetic and Disrespectful!!!
The parents of an Australian Digger killed in Afghanistan have slammed the ABC for disrespecting the Australian flag.

An episode of At Home with Julia, which airs tonight, features actors playing Julia Gillard and her partner Tim Mathieson “basking in the afterglow” on the floor of the PM’s office draped in the Australian flag.

The episode has enraged Coalition MPs as well as parents of the Victorian soldier Lieutenant Marcus Case who was killed in action in Afghanistan earlier this year.


“We are disgusted at the use of the Australian flag in such a disrespectful manner as in At Home With Julia,” they wrote in a letter to the Herald Sun.

“We should remember the number of servicemen, our son included, who have given their lives defending the true significance and meaning of the Australian flag.

“Such men are buried under this flag with the respect and honour it and they deserve.

“To abuse the flag’s significance as the ABC has done is a disgrace.”

Ms Gillard said this morning she found aspects of the program funny, but refused to be drawn on the sex scene.

Speaking on ABC radio, Ms Gillard said she had watched the first episode but did not plan to view any more of At Home With Julia.

“I think aspects of that first episode were funny but I’ve got more to do than sit around watching ABC TV,” she said.

Pressed further on the sex scene that will screen in tonight’s episode, she refused to speak any more on the matter.

“I’m not engaging in commentary about this and I’m not going to help you with a cross-promotion,” she said.

Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten today said it was “poor taste” to depict the PM having sex under the Australian flag.

Mr Shorten, who is portrayed in the TV show as “a dog,” said he respected the concerns raised by the Case family.

“I think it’s very tasteless,’ he said.

“They’ve got the Prime Minister in a flag, I find it personally tasteless. I don’t believe in censorship. I can respect the views of the family. Just because something’s an attempt at humour doesn’t disqualify it from being in poor taste.”

A Coalition MP yesterday called for the ABC’s funding to be reviewed, describing the episode as a “pathetic and disrespectful” denigration of the Prime Minister’s office.

Liberal and National MPs savaged tonight’s scheduled episode of the sitcom At Home with Julia.

Describing the scene as “sick” and an offence to war veterans, Coalition MPs in a party room meeting urged their colleagues to “make a stand”.


Victorian National Party MP John Forrest said abuse of the flag should not be tolerated and called for a debate on whether the episode should screen.

“I’m thinking about my late father who lost three brothers for that flag,” he said.

“The veterans are going to go ballistic.”

Mr Forrest said British comedies such as Yes Minister used satire without such disrespect.

“I wonder if the ABC would have dared do this if (the Prime Minister) wasn’t a female,” he said.

“I’m getting handwritten letters about how (constituents) are disgusted. It’s a mockery of women.”

Liberal MP Teresa Gambaro told party-room colleagues they “should look at ABC funding”.

Ms Gambaro later told the Herald Sun taxpayers would question why money was spent on offensive material.


She said: “It shouldn’t be spent on pathetic and disrespectful depictions of the Prime Minister.”

The ABC said the scene was logical in the context of the episode and not “shoe-horned in gratuitously”.

What do you think, is it a disgrace?

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