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History and Air Conditioning

OK! I know my carbon footprint is outrageous,but I can't write covered in sweat.How did people write-and write splendidly- before the days of AC? Did they work late at night? Did they simply ignore the temperature? Is this part of the reason so many colonials headed for Europe? And I wonder whether there is a link between AC and literary quality? Would Miles Franklin have been a better writer with a split system in the house?
Now where the Hell is that Southerly!


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Mm... I've often pondered the same thing myself Marat. Perhaps the best writing was done in the winter? I know I always feel more mentally aware in the cold (but happier in the hot summers).

I would also hazard that our summers didn't used to be this hot. Whether it be man-made climate change or natural deviations, I am under the impression that it's hotter than it ever was.

I've had the AC running non-stop the last 3 days and I'm rather worried about the impending power bill. I was going to get solar installed, but the bastards scrapped the 60cents/kwh rebate. It's not worth it any more. At 20cents/kwh, what's the point? You'll never pay the damn thing off, and after a price hike next year, you'll actually be rebated less than the going rate! :emot-downswords:
Looks like that Southerly came along :)
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