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The forces of the Australian far-left have left a large footprint on the Australian countenance of late. Bob Brown has been running the media gauntlet spruiking his new Labor-Green Carbon Tax, and claiming that the Australian Greens will one day enjoy major party status, while denouncing all and sundry who do not subscribe to their myopic world view. Brown has been denouncing the Murdoch Press in Australia (despite the fact that there is no evidence at present that they are connected in any way to the London phone hacking debacle), and denouncing the Abbott camp as irresponsible vandals for attempting to cast doubt on the highly divisive Carbon Tax. Vandals? Possibly. But what happens to this bristling moral outrage when the forces of the far-left are responsible for brazen and thoughtless vandalism of a far more literal nature?

We awoke today to find that Greenpeace had broken into the CSIRO overnight, and had destroyed a half-hectare of genetically modified wheat that was to set to be used in a human trial program during the coming months. GM crops are an exciting new prospect in Australia’s quest for highly water-efficient crop yields, a virtual necessity given our unsustainable trajectory on water use. This particular crop had been engineered to maximise human bowel health, but the trial process will now have to be shelved after a small group of radicals decided that their dogmatic views on GM crops were more important than the Australian national interest.

Ah, but it has ever been thus, has it not? The radical minority will ever seek to vandalise the trappings of the mainstream. Greenpeace will ever claim that GM crops are harmful to human consumption, and then trash the research before any study on human consumption can be conducted. No, the bigger question is: what kind of response to this flouting of Australian common law can we expect from a party which is trying to stake its claim over mainstream Australia?

But the silence of the Federal Greens has been deafening. It would seem that Bob Brown vastly prefers to tour the media circuit speechifying about Australian newspaper ownership instead of coming down on one side or the other of this core Green issue. Thus it falls to Shane Rattenbury, a Green member of the ACT legislative assembly, to deliver their official position on the incident:

“It’s always very controversial these sorts of actions, but you have to stand up for what you believe in sometimes … Greenpeace has clearly formed a view that the best way to both draw attention to this issue and to potentially protect the human food chain in Australia is to take this action … I’ve certainly been involved in action in the past where Greenpeace has broken the law and that has been necessary to highlight what we’ve considered at the time to be a greater issue than perhaps a simple trespass.”

Fantastic! We trade the tacit support from Bob Brown for the quite literal support of Mr Rattenbury, and all this from a party which sees itself supplanting the ALP. The Greens denounce attacks against climate scientists, yet it is seemingly fine to trash the work of GM researchers: THIS IS HYPOCRISY WRIT LARGE. If the Greens ever wish to realise their ambitions then they also need to understand that leadership entails more than proclamations of big idea, fuzzy, feel-good policies – at a minimum the Australian mainstream expect that their elected leaders will refrain from showing flagrant contempt for the bedrock of Australian law.

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