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It's Malta alright!

These strange happenings to me with the latest being, for the first time in my life Australia, denial of medical treatment ( as far as I know it is unheard of here in Australia) (see my blogs on these forums "These morons must be stopped now" ) ...
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Aha. ... ... a response finally: Re: CT Lumbar Spine. 23 September 2013 Dear (deleted) Thank you for your letters dated 18 August and 19 September regarding your CT Lumbar Spine examination. Regarding your concerns I can reas...
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[deleted] [deleted] Medical Imaging [deleted] RE: CT LUMBAR SPINE Dear Sir/ s/Madam/ s It has been weeks since the writer sent his letter of inquiry to your imaging centre. To this date no response including any acknowledgement ha...
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References 1) The CT Renal Scans referred to were conducted some years ago at a different medical imaging centre 2) I previously had lumbar cortisone injections without any problems at a different imaging centre. [deleted name of wr...
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I am privy to what may be the largest medical scandal in Australia' s history. I have solid evidence that my medical history was revealed or released to third parties (who are of the medical profession) without my permission and what is even wors...
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The system whereby individual countries are invited by the United Nations to be signatories (and thereby making those individual countries wholly responsible for those refugees) to a UN Convention on Refugees has clearly failed. Thse Conventions...
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Once again a Maltese acquaintance of mine button holed me at the supermarket to talk as as per usual and as I am not the unfriendly type I listened. How I started by telling him that I am not interested in the Maltese political scene. I am not ...
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He failed to understand

Talking to a neighbour over the fence of Greek descent has once again made me realize how gullible people are (esp over legal matters) and the consequential ease of fooling them. He was confused over the difference between losing his Greek nati...
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Oh God!

We are continually bombarded by religious interests that what we perceive as that supernatural being we call God wants us to follow his rules. ..his moral teachings lest we will be damned forever (if we are not forgiven) But the concept of a supe...
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That interview....

Recently the international law section of a prestigious Australian university requested an interview with me on a subject which to me was an ordinary event but which was apparently important to it. I am so used to doing legal matters that this s...

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