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Aha.......a response finally:
Re: CT Lumbar Spine.
23 September 2013

Dear (deleted)
Thank you for your letters dated 18 August and 19 September regarding your CT Lumbar Spine examination. Regarding your concerns I can reassure you that I, or any member of our staff, did NOT obtain any further information about any previous medical history of yours prior to your report being written.

The description of your kidneys came from the examination we performed. As the kidneys lie adjacent to the lumbar spine, they are included in the field of view in every lumbar spine examination. As such, I was able to notice several abnormalities within your right kidney and described these findings as
accurately as I could in my report. I did not have any previous imaging to compare. I did not have access to any previous reports of scans which you may have had. I did not search any medical record of yours. My description of your kidneys came solely from our examination of the lumbar spine.

If you would like to come to our practice, I would be happy to spend 5-10 minutes to show you your scan so that you can be satisfied that your privacy has not and was not breached. Alternatively, Dr (deleted) may also be able to assist in describing the scan to you if you would prefer.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. (deleted)

And whilst they keep digging the hole they got themselves into my response:

25 September 2013


Dear Dr.
I have received your letter of the 23 September 2013.
I am on the verge of formally reporting this matter to the appropriate government authorities as I believe that disregarding patients for weeks on end on a medical explanation is medically unprofessional.
Before I do so however I am curious on one aspect of your rather thin explantion. You failed to explain on how a medical treatment for an arthritic complaint (e.g. lumbar spine cortisone injections) has in any way a detrimental effect on a renal abnormality and why you denied medical treatment on this diagnosis?. For your information I previously had these cortisone injections at a different imaging centre without any after ill effects and even then I had this kidney abnormality????.. In fact I was born with a right duplex kidney.
I shall await two weeks from the date of this letter whereupon in the absence of a satisfactory explanation from you in writing to the above inquiry within that period I shall immediately report to those government authorities.

Yours Sincerely



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