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It's Malta alright!

These strange happenings to me with the latest being, for the first time in my life Australia, denial of medical treatment ( as far as I know it is unheard of here in Australia) (see my blogs on these forums "These morons must be stopped now") are originating from Malta perhaps with assistance of "friends" in high and low places in Australia. There is no other on the horizon.And it all comes down to......citizenship which I cannot retrieve in any case because of an addition to my will. (which I'll explain later in this blog). And no one plays political games with me.
You know those thousands upon thousands of Maltese around the world (there are Maltese contingents (outside Europe) Canada..USA..New Zealand...Australia (I believe is the largest)) would "kill" to being Maltese citizens.They are very patriotic towards their home countries. Consequently laws were changed where dual citizenry was granted where the Maltese can have Maltese nationality and nationality of the country to which they emigrated. It was even extended to second generation Maltese.
Ironically therefore my daughter who was born in Australia has dual nationality....she is an Australian citizen and also a Maltese citizen whilst I, her father, who was born in Malta has
only Australian nationality. Malta renounced my Maltese nationality.Consequently I made an addition to my will where I requested an inscription on my gravestone which states
" Here lies.......(deleted) the only Maltese born person who died absent of Maltese citizenship...said citizenship be renounced by Malta"
You see when I "kick it" like this I shall make history. And Malta knows it...oh God how it knows it! And it all came down to political games.
Back in 2005 (8 years ago) when I applied for renunciation to then Minister for the Interior/Justice in Malta for his approval for renunciation (without it renunciation was not possible) there was a "point of no return" with Maltese nationality. Once renounced it could not be retrieved(as the law stood). I just found that Maltese nationality was as useless as a discarded old dish rag
Whilst waiting for the outcome my wife kept saying "What if he refuses to consent"?
"He will not refuse or even question it" He is an arrogant twit....that will give me too much power over him. I bet he is saying to himself"How dare he this asshole from Australia playing political games with me...I am the "mental giant" ex-lawyer...he is nothing".
In any case the renunciation was quickly approved by Malta.....quite reluctantly by it by the way but it had to be done due to arrogance.
"He were right" wife kept saying. Not only now I said to my wife to continue playing his political games.....I bet the law will be changed whereby I'll be able to change back...retrieve my Maltese nationality and they will expect me with, according to them my retarded mind and thus easily tricked, to use the new law to switch back" "Oh c'mon they'll do that...I cannot believe it". "You will see" I responded.
Some months passed and during this time the twit even visited Australia in order to continue his games.
And the wife kept saying" You see you were wrong....nothing was changed"
Just take it easy..I kept saying..Things move slowly in Malta...too much "red tape" will happen
In any case some months later whilst shopping at the local shopping centre a Maltese friend of mine who was aware of what I did came up to me and said "Did you hear the latest from Malta?. Legislation is being prepared for Parliament (by this same Minister by the way) whereby a Maltese born person who does not possess Maltese nationality but whose father/mother or even grandfather were born in Malta can now apply to become a Maltese citizen. This applied to me as both my parents and grandfathers were born in Malta. Under this new law I would be able to retrieve my Maltese nationality
" wife exclaimed."How did you know"? "Because this Minister is not only an arrogant twit....but a predictable one as well". However the whole game did not work as I remain absent of Maltese nationality to this day...and forever. And they do not like it....they are angry simply because I showed more political guile than they and it is not politically palatable for them in any case.So revenge is the only way!If not revenge political and/or medical games are continously being played to get me to switch back. It will not work and it will never work! They'll just have to learn to live with it.Alright I agree it is a major political embarrassment for Malta.....I mean this whole thing was kept secret (no one "whistled" on this history making move)...but so remains fact and it may be revealed at any time by anyone even after my passing.And I cannot switch back under any circumstances in any case as it will invalidate my will. You see if I switch back that inscription then cannot be put on my gravestone.


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