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Posted 05 January 2013 - 08:35 AM

It is very interesting when shopping at supermarkets where lots of news floats around here and there. It does break the monotony of shopping. However I do have a disadvantage. The wife constantly tells me to stop talking in the aisles so we'll do the shopping and get home. I keep responding 'Why"..."do we have babies at home waiting to be fed? "Are we going to be late for work"" What is the hurry?
Take it easy, I keep saying, and you will live longer.
The usual tidbits I pick up are from various Maltese who do the shopping at the same time. We do not discuss Aussie politics....and if so only slightly...but Maltese politics as for some reason these people want my feedback. I agree as it does break the monotony from the local political scene as I can write about it on these forums anyway.I have a brother-in-law who lives interstate and who is a Maltaphile, but I only speak to him occasionally by phone as he is too busy in either making or guarding money!
The latest gossip I picked is that Malta Budget 2013 failed to carry as the government fell on it's vote and apparently when this occurs (as in accordance with the Constitution, that is a vote on a money bill fails) the government falls..Parliament is dissolved and an election is called.Apparently people are complaining that they have to wait for the benefits from this budget (e.g. social welfare increases, salary benefits to the Public Service and judiciary etc) and this is going to be for some time as an election is due in March and then Parliament has to be reconvened for that budget to pass. I said to the story teller..."Look at it this way..this is two edged sword...if if the benefits from the budget ain't forthcoming.....neither are those tax increases ( which apparently have been imposed on everything from cigarettes to petrol) . However here is the interesting part. The Labor Opposition has promised that if elected it will follow the provisions of that Budget to the letter. Eh? The Opposition following the government's framing of it's budget to the letter?
Usually when this rarity occurs (and this situation is extremely rare in the Parliamentary democratic world) a newly elected government which may be from a different political persuasion than it's predecessor is elected it frames what is called a "mini-budget" which "tweaks" the "old" budget into their own political and economical persuasion. "This is extremely unprofessional my friend" I told the story teller. And it sounds so unbelievable that it is quite suspicious! There may be "cover stories" like...."to preserve national unity"...or 'for the good of the country etc" but human nature and the nature of politics does not permit this to occur and if it does it is definitely...suspicious .There may be "something hidden" in the "new" Budget which is rendering it impotent..for now where perhaps later it may be enacted?? And as usual this'cloak and dagger' bullshit involves everyone from the President down. It amazes me how they get away with it...the electorate and the media must be as dumb as they are.
"Will you please stop talking and let's get home".'s forest sounds.
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