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Posted 15 January 2013 - 04:17 PM

10 September 2012

M/S Tania Plibersek MP
Minister for Health & Ageing
P.O. Box 6022
Parliament House


Dear Madam,
The writer who is in receipt of a whole Aged Pension from Centrelink is currently a patient of the abovementioned scheme. He has just received advise from your Department that this scheme is to be terminated as from the 1 December 2012. However no official explanation from your department has been forthcoming as to it's replacement.
According to unofficial media reports it seems that the Federal Government is to resort to the previous State/Federal arrangements with increased funding.There are questions however of comparisions between the old and new arrangements which must be clarified.
1) Will the new dental scheme arrangement provide identical dental services/treatment as that of the present scheme which is to be terminated?
2) With the current dental scheme there are no waiting periods for dental services/treatment. Will there be so with the new State/Federal arrangement?
3) Are the new dental scheme arrangements contained in a written and signed contractual agreement with the States on specifically the precise funding which must be provided for this scheme? If not could a scenario develop where any State Government can, at (State) budget time, simply "cut back" on dental services and use that funding for another for example...roads in a vote catching exercise which dictates that there are more voters owning cars than those on low income with bad teeth?Should this occur will the Federal Government simply relinquish any responsibility for this move (by the State Government) stating that quote "It's a State matter" end quote?
4) The current scheme bypasses State Governments as claims are made directly on Medicare, a Federal agency. However with these new arrangments with the States, the Federal Government has setup a scenario where low income earners can be used as "political footballs" between the States (and the States are notorious in this practice) and the central government as regards funding for this scheme. Has the Federal Government any plans to prevent this from occuring?
Finally it is the height of folly for any government to abolish any scheme on the premise that it is being rorted. Under this principle all schemes in existance including Medicare will have to be abolished as all are susceptible to rorting.
The intelligent object is to investigate these unscrupulous individuals in order to bring them to justice

Yours Sincerely

You may find this hard to believe but this letter has not been responded by the Minister to date....4 months!
Representations to my local member did not work. Now I have been told (by my local member's office) that I may have to wait up to 9 months for s response...if at all. How is that for amateurism in politics eh?
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