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Value for money What the Liberals do not understand

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Posted 17 May 2013 - 11:06 AM

The Liberals are well known for being obsessed with the price while not considering the value. This was amply demonstrated in Abbott's budget reply speech as well as other poor policy announcements.

Some examples:

Delaying the increases to superannuation will not save any money. It has been known for some time that superannuation contributions of about 15% are needed to ensure an adequate level of savings for retirement. Superannuation contributions of 15% would reduce the number of people that claim the old age pension as opposed to the current level of 9%. Assistance for the aged is the largest proportion of our welfare bill, making up 13.8% of our tax bill. Reducing our future welfare bill by encouraging people to save for retirement is worthwhile, yet the Liberals do not seem to understand this.

The NBN is expensive. This is all the Liberals focus on. What's not understood by the Liberals is that the NBN has a measurable return on investment. The cost of maintaining the NBN would be substantially less than the current cost of maintaining the existing copper network which is in the order of $500,000,000 to $750,000,000 per year. The running costs are also substantial due to the power consumption of the copper network. Fibre consumes far less power. We're going to have to rip out the copper and replace it with fibre anyway. The necessary double handling inevitably causes the inferior FTTN to be an enormous waste of money.
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