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That Convention

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 08:25 AM

It is now quite clear that the procedure by which the UN takes care of the world refugees.....especially those who dangerously travel over ocean waters has dismally failed and a new procedure (see my blog "Failed" on these forums) must be found. If not what is contended in that blog....alright there may be other options available which the UN can easily research.
Aside from the danger of the unknown for those travelling in ramshackle boats and the matter of people smugglers, the present procedure is severely impacting on national budgets where billions of dollars are spent each year in collecting and maintaining facilities for these asylum seekers. This is the case for Australia.
I was talking to a second-descent Italian a few days ago here in Sydney and he tells me that Italy has the exact same problem with asylum seekers as all the countries in the EU.
I quite realize that governments on the planet who are signatory to this Convention (not just in Australia) are in a political dilemma. Whilst in other articles on these forums I urged the Coalition to denounce the Convention....this would be easier said than done. In fact it is much less difficult to legally circumvent (as Australia is doing) the UN Convention rather than denounce it which is politically impossible. Should the present system be abolished and another is found in it's place with the United Nations in charge (not specific countries) for the specific safeguard of asylum seekers pursuing travel in ocean waters (not over borders) the debit to national budgets of the specific countries would be drastically reduced. And it is possible in this present world of sophisticated communications and the kind co-operation of the richest economies (e.g. USA).
It is quite ridiculous and obscene when citizens within the borders of those specific countries who are signatory to the UN Convention on Refugees have to suffer financial resources deprivation in the form of cutbacks in their services/salaries where then billions of dollars are spent, with the credit for this going to the United Nations, on this problem

P.S. I note that a few days ago nurses in NSW struck for the purpose of increasing nurse to patient ratios in NSW public hospitals. The NSW Health Minister in an interview simply said' Sorry cannot be done. There is no money" end quote
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