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Posted 27 September 2013 - 10:23 AM

I do not know if anyone noticed, I guess it depends on whether you read My Blogs on these forums and specifically I am referring to the ones titled "These Morons Must Be Stopped" Parts One Two Three.
If you do you will not there is a quite unusual medical "investigation" going on by me by way of postal inquires and where I am anonyymously publishing the body of contents with deletions...for now!
There is quite an oddity in this matter.
When I commenced these inquiries and posted my first letter I expected the health professional centre to refer it immediately, to it's legal representation for immediate action.After all they are allegations of medical malpractice
I am not a lawyer however if it's legal representation was competent it would have advised the doctor or doctors concerned to refrain from any comment or to contact the person or persons who are making the allegations directly on the matter.
Not so in this matter!
Instead it seems that the health professional and/or the health care centre decided not to refer the matter to legal representation but for the doctor concerned to respond to the patient directly in a quite defensive tyrade where he directly refuted the allegations. (See my blogs "These Morons Must Be Stopped" on these forums)
Quite odd indeed! On the other hand perhaps not, as this matter may not be able to be referred to legal representation for reasons beyond our comprehension
I guess you are dying to know what I suffer from don't you? Well I tell you complete with medical terms. It's nothing serious. It's called sciatica. It flared up 10 years ago at age 59 years old.....then went into remission until now at 69 years old. And it's bloody painful. There is a complication though.
There is a sciatic nerve going down both legs. On each side there is a "hollow bone" through which the nerve goes through. Via CT Scan some time ago it was discovered that both my "hollow bones" were arthritic. However the left was worse and this is why my left leg is more painful than my right leg.It is called medically........ "stenosis". What happens is the bones get inflamed and they press on the sciatic nerves.
And what about painkillers. Well Panamax is useless.....too weak. Tramadol helps...and Indocid suppositries help as well. However my doctor wants me to have these cortisone injections which may do the trick.
It's amazing I used to walk (purely for exercise) around 40 KM a week which keeps me the right smoking...drink plenty of water.
Now I cut out the walking (cannot do it for now) with this complaint. We'll see what happens in the future.
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