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  Posted 09 March 2011 - 11:48 PM

Things have been coming along a little slower than I had anticipated, unfortunately. I have a number of modifications that are being coded which should come online progressively over the next two weeks.

Upcoming features include:

- Dynamically updated hot topics in the board index. You might have noticed that these have not been updated for over a month. They will be generated based on busy discussion threads on the forum.

- Cross-posting from the blog section will finally work. If your blog is a featured blog, entries will be cross-posted to the forum, in order to drive more traffic and interactivity.

- The blog section will get categories & topics. Basically, there will be some overarching categories (like World / National / State / Sci-Tech / etc), and within these, topics. You will thus be able to browse the blog section with these categories and topics.

- Blog importing will be massively improved. Images and youtube videos will display correctly, and useless text (like broken share links) will be culled.

- The presentation of the blog section will finally get sorted.

Once all of this is up and running, I will be contacting blog owners to try and build up a bit of a syndication network. The core goal of all of this is to create a centralised place for political (and other) discourse for Australians that bypasses the mainstream media.

You might also have noticed that I've updated the overall page layout. It's still a work in progress - the navigation links will change a bit in appearance. Let me know if something isn't working properly for you.
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