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Moral Judgements

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Posted 17 November 2012 - 04:07 PM

Before I start this post I'd like to point out, as I believe there is relevancy, the various Discrimination Acts (State & Federal) which operate in Australia.Please note that the Act/s do not "blanketly" regard any action by an employer (as in the case of employment which has relevancy to this post) as discriminatory. It specifically covers discrimination against race, gender, sexual orientation and religious beliefs so the following example and as in numbers 1 and 2 may not be covered at all.
Please note as well that the Christian religions (incl the Catholics) can take credit for this inequitable situation
There is an employer who is a fervent Christian and who believes, as millions do around the world, that single mothers are immoral.
This employer can:
1) Bypass such a woman for another (who may be married and therefore,according to his/her Christian beliefs is not immoral) regarding employment application
2) A single unmarried mother who is already employed may be bypassed for another woman for the purposes of promotion and for the same purposes.
Now I note that this is actually discrimination on status (of the prospective employee/ employee) Is this covered under the various Discrimination Acts and if so how is it going to be proven?

Now comes the irony. The Discrimination Acts/ may work in reverse which of course and as usual favours the Christian religions
There is an employer who is a fervent atheist.S/he wishes only to employ and promote atheists in his/her company, however s/he cannot under the Act (because of religious beliefs). If an applicant for a position or an existant employee is found to be a fervent Christian s/he must be treated equally under the Act

How is that for blatant discrimination eh....all due to the Christian religions.
You see according to the OCD christian beliefs atheism is wrong.....and only their beliefs are right
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