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Posted 24 November 2012 - 09:39 AM

For nearly half a century research has been ongoing in an attempt to prove conclusively the existence of an afterlife. This may be considered as an attempt to "separate truth from fiction" (as quoting some on this forum). To this date it failed to do so. It not only failed but members of academia/experts in this field are divided and they openly contradict each other on this issue. Some say that afterlife exists...and some say not. Who do you believe? Both are eminent experts????
And we shall never prove conclusively prove the existence of an afterlife? There are "hints" in the form of Near death Experiences but "hints" are not conclusive evidence now are they?
I have several theories on this phenomenon and they are simple( the simpler theories are the better)
Perhaps we are not meant to conclusively prove the existence of an afterlife? I have a motive for this as well.
Look at it this way.
Nature created planet Earth which human beings are meant to inhabit. However planet Earth is not without it's problems. The human encounters physical and/or psychological "suffering" every day of his/her life. At times the human being does come to detest this world we live in......but s/he continues to live...and to overwhelm all adversity and this is done in the absence of choice of a "better life" somewhere else.
Now if we can conclusively prove the afterlife...which by it's "hints" (Near Death Experiences) is a much "better life" than that on Earth's (e.g. free from pain, suffering, hunger, thirst and disease)....the human being suddenly has a conclusive choice. What will this do you may ask?
Well the human being will simply give up more easily. S/he will fail to survive and at the first sign of adversity will simply commit suicide (the transitional effect to the afterlife) in order to "live better"! Should these events occur quite often around the world eventually the rate of suicide will overwhelm the birth rate and planet Earth as we know it will eventually become barren and will simply die. It will self defeat nature's intention for the human being on planet Earth. So as it seems the failure to conclusively prove an afterlife is actually contributing to the survival of all on planet Earth
I have a theory on the existence of that afterlife as well. By all indications it is a much "better life" than the one on Earth. Once again nature (as created by that "being" we term as "god') may be showing it's astuteness. Could it be that the afterlife is some sort of "grateful payment" to the human being's tenacity in contributing to it's survival (as nature requires) on planet Earth?
Nature is so clever isn't it?
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