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Two Faces!

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 08:29 AM

The thread titled "Unaffordable" on these forums and the discussion on 'committees' has led me to posting this article and it is extremely unusual.Many may be able to relate to it as well as this can occur anywhere in the world including Australia although I would say it would be a rarity in it occurring here (in Australia).
Malta has exactly the same political/judicial system as Australia's with the exception of it being a Republic with a President instead of a Governor General. It has, like Australia, two major political/parliamentary parties, The Nationalist Party (with the Liberals here being the equivalent) and of course the Malta Labor Party in Opposition. Now comes the unusual and please I have not researched this I was only told by others who are very well versed with the Maltese system. (If you are interested you can Google"Malta" and research it).
Some years ago the Malta Labor Party changed it's name and became, to all intents and purposes, a private entity, a corporation under the laws of Malta. It installed Managers, and Chief Executive Officers, PR persons etc and a board of directors. It presumably ceased to be the "official' opposition party of the Republic of Malta??? The impression however is otherwise.As far as I aware it remains to this day the "official" Parliamentary Opposition Party of the Republic of Malta
One major question is raised here." Why would a political party undertake such a change which by any measure is extremely unusual for a developed country with a sophisticated political system"? Well let us look at the facts. As a private entity the MLP can circumvent all the political necessities and/or even national laws of Malta or of any any country (incl Australia) which scrutinizes official bodies (e.g. of an official Opposition Party) in negotiating, purchasing, financial management not only in Malta, but in other countries as well including Australia. Further as a private entity it can be financially supported by "third persons/entities" in the absence of any scrutiny (Parliamentary or otherwise) as would be the case had it remained "official" and this support ( I have been told) can run into millions of Euros per annum.It may even be assisted by any other political parties in any country (e.g. as in Australia, by the Australian Labor Party) to undertake these schemes. The conspiracy would not be illegal (between two political parties) as it would simply be a political party assisting a private entity or an Australian Government assisting a private entity, a "normal financial investment" in Australia. And finally as a private entity it can if necessary victimize any person or persons not only in Malta but anywhere in the world as it deems fit and with impunity once again in the absence of any "official" scrutiny.
As far as I am aware no questions have been raised about this issue and this would be a scandal of major proportions in other countries but in Malta even the media are content to be major cohorts to these schemes.
Ironically should the Malta Labor Party be elected to government the picture may change somewhat. The position of having a national government duetted with a private entity may not well. In actual fact it may even be illegal under the Maltese Constitution and/or other laws. It is therefore logical to assume that the Malta Labor Party desperately requires the status quo to remain where it would be in it's best interest to remain in Opposition.
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